Australian Waffen SS deploys High-Tech Weapons against anti-Globalist Protesters

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2 thoughts on “Australian Waffen SS deploys High-Tech Weapons against anti-Globalist Protesters”

  1. THIS appears to be the result of ‘Microwave Technology’. No doubt, the Elites have/are also experimenting with all possible inclusive of audio/bio/chemical weapons to use against their own people. The Globalists PLAN to re-make humans into Robotic SLAVES controlled by implants…There’s nothing these Godless won’t do and no boundaries for these psychopaths to not surpass.
    There is no doubt of the Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Cabal DOING measuring data based upon Operant Conditioning as applied to every country currently attacked by their puppets of each country; the Establishment Ruling Class Elite. It’s all about Stimulus/Response Causation and Behavior.
    Hope the population of the United States is WATCHING and not totally focused upon the DISTRACTIONS presented by Schwab’s Puppets here. They have been doing anything and all possible to dilute cohesion, promote destabilization, INFECT division, diminish monetary value, isolate family members, remove religion…Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Cabal PREPARING TO ATTACK based on data derived from less ARMED Western-Oriented Nations.

  2. Time to stop with the martin luther king jnr peace walks….. Burn stuff down now. Thes epolice have NO brains, No hearts, & No genitals!!
    The Army were in attendance in white canvas covered trucks!

    somebody shut Fauci up!!

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