EU Court of Injustice rules Hungary & Poland can be raped for LGBT agenda

Editor’s Note: The Leader on this post might seem controversial, but it is more true than the leader on the post link herein. This is how far the EU has progressed toward a satanic Fascist State.

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3 thoughts on “EU Court of Injustice rules Hungary & Poland can be raped for LGBT agenda”

  1. I presume Poland and Hungary, denied EU funds to which they have contributed, are immediately blocking all their yearly contributions to the EU.
    Hopefully this will facilitate their ejection from the EU, whereupon they can mend their economies by joining trade agreements with the UK. All three countries will benefit.

    1. Thank-you for your post. It helps to know others are as appalled with the current status of the EU as we in the states having any morality remaining. So bizarre to believe the forces of evil have so saturated the world.

  2. Along the same lines, and just brought to my attention yesterday, notice this organization’s pictures when you click on any “church location.” Enlarge the pictures to observe subtle detail. Does anyone have any knowledge as to the true origin and purpose of this organization?

    (((May God Bless and Grow

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