POLAND: Riot Police break up Antifa Protest at “Immigrant Camp”

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4 thoughts on “POLAND: Riot Police break up Antifa Protest at “Immigrant Camp””

  1. Funny how Antifa does not exist in Italy at all, nor BLM. This is a sign that certain NWO organizations are absolutely not permitted in the country by the state security forces. Anitfa’s origins, in fact, go back to the German Anti-Fascist groups prior to the rise of the National Socialist Party in the early 30s. Considering that Klaus Schwab is supposedly German and George Soros, although Hungarian, was a Nazi colloborator, it shouldn’t be so much of a surprise then. In Italy, however, it is mostly German-run and staffed NGOs and their boats that aid and abet the illegal invaders who come into Italy.

    1. Italy in 1996 came to know that the Red Brigade and the bombing spree in the 70s were perpetrated by the CIA. There was such a backlash, that to allow any agit prop organizations like that in Italy is no longer politically tollerable. It would cause the govt. to fall. Now you know who is behind Antifa and BlM.

  2. I’ve never had a doubt as to who has been behind these 2 organizations in the predominantly Anglo-Germanic world, but virtually non existent in the Latin and Slavic areas of Europe.
    Regarding the Red Brigades and the Aldo Moro kidnapping, there was a great film produced in Italy in 2003 by truth-seeking Italian director, Renzo Martinelli, titled “Piazza delle Cinque Lune” starring Donald Sutherland, Gianfranco Giannini and Italian actress Stefania Rocca who I personally know. This film along with the 2006 film “In Ascolto” by Italian director Giacomo Martelli, show the dirty and insidious hand of the arrogant US intelligence agencies and how they operate in Italy and elsewhere. I highly recommend them! Buona visione!!!

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