13 thoughts on “Trudeau is a promoter of the Pedophile Agenda”

  1. These “authorities” will not renounce because a minor
    part of the population paralyzes the economy, or stay
    shouting in front of their empty palaces, suffering
    cold weather and getting sick because of midst and rain.

    They are pedophiles and killers of children…
    Dr. ROBERT MALONE co-inventor of mRNA vaccines
    said that only those with an age over-50 could take a
    the vaccines “because of reasonable risk-benefit ratio”.

    Make Your own conclusions. But waging war against Russia,
    a christian-reborn nation, that will defend itself with any weapons they have… will awake consciousness in the
    American military (except some” WOKE IDIOTS”).

    And at this point, predicting future could be easy…

    1. Caro Giancarlo Rossi,
      If…IF Dr. Robert MALONE did indeed state that vaccines have “reasonable risk-benefit ratio” … we say that he has lost his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NO VACCINES GRANT BENEFITS to those vaccinated.
      The “benefits” are to Big Pharma mafia style merchants = $$.

      – infectious
      – maiming and potentially

      Thank You.
      Loving Blessings for enduring Courage.

      Concerned Families International Network.

      1. Those elderly most at risk with this engineered virus do gain benefit from it since they are those TARGETED genetically to die from it. The technology is complex and he’s fully aware of the sections of DNA removed and replaced with the CRISPR sections.
        According to Dr. Malone; it is not necessary to use Aborted Fetal Cells to produce the vaccine and he’s not certain of the use of them in the finished product beyond the ‘Testing Phase’.

  2. I witnessed -:@h;&$u!?m@&an $&tra@!fic-/king in that country, I went to the police to report. I was sent home with nothing, no report, no nothing. Later on a guy I know (very rich guy)he was involved in it (I had no idea that this is what he is doing, I thought he’s an ok guy), came to Europe and continues his trade here (free person, no restrictions for him). Very powerful, rich canad. charity organization involved in it as well, no harm to their business, they’re thriving.

  3. Trudeau in a speech mentioned that doesn’t want society judging ppl for loving who they love??? I’d say he’s talking about pedophiles here,he’s pushing the pedophilia agenda& trying 2 normalise pedophilia. The mantra of the pedos ‘love is love’

    1. He’s obviously benefiting big for promoting pedos agenda, pedos are very powerful and reach, they bribe and corrupt anybody with power, like canad. pm, to get him to legislate their agenda.

  4. I can’t make out what she says the universities are doing exactly when (at 4:50-6:00) she says something that sounds like ‘they appropriate chant minors’ and (paraphrasing) ‘to find out who’s eyes light up to find the psychopaths…’. Can anyone explain what it is she says the universities are doing? Thanks.

  5. Fortitudolaeticia, this may help answer your query.
    … an online search turned up an article describing ‘pro rape chants’ against under-age student minors. This seems likely to concur with what she says.
    The article is nine years old – so presumably the practise has been ongoing for some years, given that her interview is current and she speaks of what’s happening in the present time.

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article, dated 9 Sept 2013 (FROSH/Freshers Week), cites University of British Columbia students on a bus, chanting pro rape slogans.

    The content of the chants quoted in the article are unsuitable for this site, so the CBC link isn’t included.

  6. Never mind. I found out by searching ‘pro-rape chant minors halifax british columbia’. Too disgusting to post. Even womyn were doing it. The chant is referred to as a tradition, and the chanters were prescribed sensitivity training.

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