Trudeau, to defend himself in Parliament, accuses Jewish MP of standing with Swastikas

Commentary and Background

The events in Canada are spiraling to extremes, but it appears that everything is going down within the Globalist plan. Take this interview by Tucker Carlson of a Hoover Institute (Skull and Bones) on the situation:

And the Globalist controlled newspaper response:

See that the Truckers, who are very few in number, are getting a lot of support from globalist organizations in public media, one has to wonder if they are being manipulated or not.

Here in Italy, we had a similar protest by longshoremen. That was back in October. It seemed to be achieving something, but then fizzled out, suddenly, only adding further despair among the resistance.  Since that time the Resistance has achieved nothing further but lamentation. Each of the apparent resistance groups refuses to cooperate with the others, unless of course they are obvious controlled opposition, such that even the largest groups cannot manage 200 persons at a rally.

What is clear is that the Globalists want PERMANENT DICTATORSHIP AND MARTIAL LAW. They do not want any possibility of elections in the future. The Truckers in Canada are being used to achieve that end, whether they realize it or not.

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2 thoughts on “Trudeau, to defend himself in Parliament, accuses Jewish MP of standing with Swastikas”

  1. I’m in Ottawa and have been following all of this very, very closely. Sadly, I think you are right Br. Bugnolo.

  2. Do you think Victor Davis Hansen is a member of Skull and Bones Br Bugnolo? I ask because it had crossed my mind that he could be, despite my agreeing with virtually everything I’ve heard him say.

    If the truckers are being manipulated by the globalists, and I agree there have been many popular protests like this in many countries which have fizzled out, then it means that no protests of kind anywhere would ever work because they would all be infiltrated by the globalists.

    As the goal is to bring about permanent dictatorship, what then is the answer to stopping this from happening? It seems that every popular uprising would be doomed from the start. So what then can people do?

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