5 thoughts on “USA: There is a protocol in Hospitals to kill babies with Remdesivir”

  1. Remdesivir is also given to patients who test positive for Covid1984 which causes them even more breathing difficulties.

    Last year a woman in the U.K was about to give birth in a hospital. She was un death jabbed and tested negative but the nurses insisted that once her baby was born it would be PCR tested! In amazement the woman asked how it was possible for the baby to have covid just after being born??? They still insisted the baby would be tested because it was hospital ‘protocol’ and that if she refused she would not get any help from the staff while giving birth!

    In the end she left the hospital with the help of her husband, despite being minutes away from the baby’s birth and leaking amniotic fluid, and managed to get home where she safely gave birth. If she had stayed in the hospital and allowed her baby to be graphene oxided by the PCR, no doubt she would have been told it had covid and needed Remdesivir followed by a ventilator and then a funeral. It’s unbelievable what these monsters are doing.

  2. Is there any news today that isn’t demonic? All so sad… well, we must double our efforts to defeat this evil!.

  3. My sister’s adopted young son recently developed a cough and fever in Florida where they live. The Doctor told her that no matter what, “Do not take your son to the Hospital”. At least some doctors know what is really going on in the Hospitals and warned my sister just like I warn everyone where I live, to not go to the Hospital!
    Plus people need to realize that there are also no segregated blood supplies, so if you need blood, you may get a vaccinated person’s blood! Last April, I was told I needed to sign something in case I needed blood, to hold the Hospital harmless and that was when I found out that the blood supply is currently dangerous to be used if you are unvaccinated!

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