Are Spike Proteins for real, or are they another Globalist lie?

Editor’s Note: It’s good to hear both sides of a debate. Here is a presentation against the existence of spike proteins.

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6 thoughts on “Are Spike Proteins for real, or are they another Globalist lie?”

  1. Pretty good but you do produce proteins, especially to renew and repair once yours reach death and depending on rate of turnover, that can be often (especially in the gut lining). The positive energy manifestation is BS and ‘yogic’ (which is demonic, yeah you can attract ‘energy’ all right)… don’t even go there (new age hokum)(not the same as prayer or saintly prayer or even ‘mineral properties’), your mind isn’t that powerful, (when is the last time you manifested a million dollars, a star or a sunny day?) Toxins and waste produce gases and gaso transmitters that do not utilize receptors to ‘transmit’, these send signals. You autophage (intracellular waste), phagocytize (extracellular waste) (meaning digest), eliminate as solid, neutralize (toxic gases) or reduce to water soluble and excrete. Mostly via probiotics and friendly yeasts with the right substrates and sugars. Older people, malnourished people and sick people have a harder time doing that.

  2. Basically he is recommending GcMaf and electrolytes. Go for it. Available at Sasei Mirai Clinics in Japan and other parts of the world. The Italians also use GcMaf and one of the pioneers is Dr. Marco Ruggiero. True pioneers.

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