20 thoughts on “Dr. Lee Merit agrees with Br. Bugnolo: We are looking at an extinction level event from the DeathVaxx”

    1. I assure you the video is visible on my devices. Try reloading the page and/or clearing out your cache…

  1. I’m so fed up with druggie Alex Jones a CIA operative and his constant blabber and marketing junk…All to have a short clip from Dr. Lee Merritt appearing to ‘agree’ with you….
    I’m Done!

  2. Brother Alexis

    Lee Merit is excellent. Many thank you’s to From Rome for all the videos and Ordo Militaris Radio, your informed commentaries are also excellent and so is AJ, best.

    1. I followed the comments on this news story. Many commented that the strokes, blood clots, etc were caused by the shot.
      Those comments have been “deactivated”

  3. Be careful with Info Wars. It is used for disinformation such as a Chinese “whistleblower” claiming that China is going to release the Ebola virus to infect us. We know very well that if anyone gets Ebola it will not be an infection, it will be bio-hacking “dial-a-disease” due to the presence of graphene in our bodies.

  4. I think Deep State don’t actually mind the publication of videos like this because they reckon we can’t do anything to change the situation. The ones who could change it aren’t listening and either don’t believe or don’t care. Only the mention of graphene worries them, because they don’t want us getting it out of our bodies.

  5. “Those who survive will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead.”

    Our Lady of Akita, 1973

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