Ms Lantsman: Trudeau has lost control of Canada

Editor’s Note: This video  summarizes the fallout from Trudeau’s accusation that a Jewish MP of the Conservative party was “standing with Swastikas” because of her support of Canadian Truckers in the current protests.

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4 thoughts on “Ms Lantsman: Trudeau has lost control of Canada”

  1. Hitler was a socialist.
    Nazi means National Socialist.
    Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Hussain, etc. al of them were socialists.
    Antifa, Brigato Rosso, Rote Armee fraction, BLM, the list is endless, al socialists.
    Socialism, Communism, fascism, there are more belong al to the same club.
    There is no blessing on socialism, because they are deniers of God.

  2. Uproarious for a real Nazi to insinuate a Jewish woman to be a Nazi? Like insinuating others to be bowing to the secular ‘Racism’ god by flying a Confederate Flag when he’s the one wearing ‘Black Face’ in pictures all the time. The Communist/Nazi behaviors enacted upon the Protesters is going to turn around and bite him…Just watch. Must pray his real Master, the Globalist WEF/CCP Communist Cabal, is held accountable for all the chaos, confusion, destruction and death across the whole world.

  3. I worry that someone will try to assassinate him and that he will survive and then go from strength to strength. He could be held up as a victim of fascism rather than a fan!At least if he survives at incredible odds some would know who he is! He was born on 25th of December

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