3 thoughts on “The DeathVaxx Passport was willed by BlackRock and Vanguard”

  1. Society at large is not aware of the level of diversification of these companies into the realm of every market in the country and THIS is too much power allocation for any kind of business. These companies who are even invested into one another as competitors require regulation and should be ILLEGAL. Since they are HIGHLY invested in ‘Big Pharma’; it is no surprise about this POISONOUS ‘Gene Therapy’ to be mandated regardless of danger. Everybody knows ‘Wall Street’ has always been Sociopathic since it’s about GREED…The U.S. is insane to FEED THAT CONDITION and allow this level of control to ANY COMPANY.

  2. Imagine, those are very people around us, working for those companies, often our neighbours, family members, friends. Do we really know, who are we dealing with on daily bases? And who they are? And what are they doing, and what are they ready to do for a paycheque? Who isn’t corrupted? Is there anybody, who isn’t corrupted? Lord Jesus , please, come.

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