Trudeau begins to arrest the Truckers

Editor’s Note: NEVER SUBMIT TO UNJUST ARREST! BY A DICTATORSHIP! Never protest a Dictatorship, without bearing arms yourself. It is insanity to do otherwise.

Trudeau has shown the world, that there is no way back to liberty but through armed violent counter-revolution.

And it is clear that Rebel News want to clap as you dance your way to the slaughterhouse. This  is not serious journalism. This is aiding and abetting brainwashing into pacifism:
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4 thoughts on “Trudeau begins to arrest the Truckers”

  1. i had earlier said there is no way you will make friends with the police and the armed forces can block the people anytime. It is happening now.

  2. It will cost blood to regain their FREEDOM. Am certain they all still have their weapons and we are here just to the south.
    Trudope has lost this war as he has EXPOSED the fact of his loyalty being to The Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Cabal in Davos and Schwab/Rothschilds.
    MUST FIGHT BACK NOW or risk becoming the Transhumanist Robots they are now planning to re-make the human population into for their own need for WILLING SLAVES.

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