CANADA: Citizen Journalist: Globalist Cavalry crushed Trucker to death, many other victims

Editor’s Note: Report begins at about 3 minutes into this video. This report also documents that the Gestapo are deploying LRAD weapons against the free citizens of Canada.

The Toronto Sun is confirming the attack on the crowd:

More confirmations of the reckless cavalry maneuver which accompanied a massive police push to retake the square. This was clearly orchestrated and planned with disregard for human life:

More violence was perpetrated, too:

But here is the excuse of the Ottawa Police for harming citizens:

But the claim was false:

Finally, here is 8 hours of live coverage which record the events of yesterday’s fateful day:

As in everything, even eye witnesses can be confused. Others are saying, it was a woman who was trampled, saying nothing about a skull being crushed:

We will have to wait some days to see if there is any confirmations from relatives or family, for at this point no one can trust what the police might say, if someone was killed.

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6 thoughts on “CANADA: Citizen Journalist: Globalist Cavalry crushed Trucker to death, many other victims”

  1. These policemen are sending God a clear message where they want to be after they die. They are fools.

  2. I can’t believe how gullible Anglo-Germanic people are. Their basic problem stems from the fact that in their cultural mindset, the government works for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. They still have respect for institutions that have been created and staffed by Freemasons for centuries. On the contrary, in the Latin-Slavic world, it is widely known that governments in the far majority of cases, serve the oligarchical elites of the country. Your average Italian superior school and university student has no doubts about this and has a better understanding of societal power structures than all of these so-called freedom convoy people put together. Thus, when need be, they will often revert to physical clashes with the police authorities like what is happening now in Italy. You can’t peace for peace. Most police in the anglophone world are corrupt power hungry goons who understand nothing but violence and that force makes right. The Canadian police are agents of the British Crown and I need not say how malignant that institution is, probably the most vile in existence. In ancient Roman times, the figure of the Tribune existed to defend the rights of the people, The patricians wouldn’t dare harm them because they knew what the dire consequences would be for them. I could also recount a few anecdotes of what my grandfathers, real men, and other relatives did in WW 2 during Operation Husky in Sicily with these people’s grandfathers to highlight how you deal with these people but it would be too offensive for many.

    1. Giuseppe – a great observation; unique. I am waking up to this view of yours. I haven’t heard it put like that, but it makes a lot of sense – more than other explanations.

  3. I have to wonder if these are Canadian officers or U.N. officers (??). How can it be that Canadian police could be so barbaric against their own people?

    1. Good question.
      I have read that sleeper UN “peacekeeper” troops are (according to unpublicised treaties) already deployed in both the USA and Canada to enforce martial law if/when (ethical) local police refuse to.
      This might explain the sudden appearance of “Thousands of additional police” called in as reinforcements to “keep the peace” by “controlling terr*rists”

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