CANADA: Trudeau shuts down Parliament, in name of threats to security

Remember, the true dictatorship is not in the Ukraine nor in Russia, it’s in Canada.

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13 thoughts on “CANADA: Trudeau shuts down Parliament, in name of threats to security”

    1. I myself am not certain she was trampled to death, since there are videos of an elderly women explaining what happened to her after the fact, and because the citizen journalist who said someone was trampled to death referred to a man and his skull being crushed.

  1. The sole purpose of having a military or a standing army is to defend a country and it’s people. The problem here is that Trudeau (globalist puppet) has standing army (the police and military) at his disposal to deal with political opposition. It’s the same for all the western “democracies.”

  2. What a pantywaist! Convene somewhere else and vote and call for Trudeau to resign now and arrest him if he does not. Do it ! Karen Maley

  3. Trudeau has been elected, chosen by the electors, right ? This is what happens when you elect people you don’t know, people who have no past, I hope this is A LESSON for the world. Same thing happened in FRANCE, where Macron was elected as President, and was NEVER elected before. Same thing with A.Hitler.

  4. In the book “Report From Iron Mountain”, they concluded that if world peace became reality, it would destroy the power structures in our world. Therefore, one would always need tl have wars, create wars and enemies, and external threats. They claim this book is a hoax. It is definately not. The perfect, or near perfect, way to distract, or redirect, or derail, peoples attention, rage, mandate discontent, and/or to hide government brutality, is now to have a war in Ukraine. With a scare of nuclear war hell to go with it. And as always, the first victim in every war, is the truth. I think The Truth, must have died, thousands of years ago. But, they have to keep killing it, in so many ways.

  5. Good video. Yes, Trudeau’s actions towards the truckers versus his actions against genuinely violent left-wing and eco-protests are not consistent. But then, leftist philosphy does not perceive any need to be consistent; its all about what they can do do get closer to their goal. Methods don’t matter. The end always justifies the means.

  6. Nurses have to end patients lives by a jab if their govt funded hospitals say so. This is not Christ centered thinking

  7. And parliament is going along with it… 1930’s all over again but on a much, much bigger scale.

    1. Now you are connecting the dots in real time. Canada is the Globalist testing ground for the imposition of permanent absolute dictatorship. If the Canadians accept it, they will do this in every other nation, using trucker protests or anything of the kind which are armed or unarmed.

  8. This is recent from another christian friend of mine…
    Canada 🇨🇦 has sold out to the NWO. UN will do their bidding if things turn sour domestically. Same with the EU. Germany is pretty much totally reliant on Russia for energy. Basically they want to draw US into a two front war when they are at their weakest. Globalism v Americanism and the Dems want to loose…..China will invade Taiwan 🇹🇼 and we Australia 🇦🇺 is next…Europe would prefer Russia and China to be greater than US 🇺🇸. They are going full steam ahead whilst the Democrats are in power. All needs to happen before mid terms….

    My response: A coming war has been on my heart for a while now with China as God’s sword of chastisement.. I have posted on this often and also the shaking of nature with catastrophic results upon nations.. The Plandemic is the Catalyst to judgment.. we need to pray and get the Word out john B

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