Stew Peters on the use of High Tech Weaponry against peaceful Australian Citizens

Editor’s Note: Nothing says you are for freedom and free speech like burning peaceful protesters with high tech weaponry just for kicks. And nothing says you stand for freedom like taking it without violent responses. However, it is clear, that the Globalists will not give up their evil plot to murder and enslave humanity without violence to oppose them, because they are even willing to use violence to oppose peaceful dissent.

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2 thoughts on “Stew Peters on the use of High Tech Weaponry against peaceful Australian Citizens”

  1. I’ve mentioned this before.
    Your embedded videos have been presenting only the top left quarter of the screen, with no play/stop buttons etc.
    Impossible to see the full video.

    1. I think you have a device problem. Turn off pop up blockers and turn on cookies, and check your video drivers. On all the devices I use, the videos embedded here on FromRome.Info play embeded, have full screen options, and if they are from Rumble have a link to the original. If they are my own videos, then there is a download arrow before you begin playing them, and a full screen option. But they do not pop up and play in the corner of the screen. Though some Stew Peter’s vids do that.

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