The Covid Criminal Network, PDF and Intro by Dr. Mercola

First, the introduction by Dr.  Mercola:

Then the dossier, which is 170 pages long, and shows the 7200 links among 6500 corporations, organizations and entities:

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    1. If you click view, then there is an icon link at the bottom to download. Or you can go to Mercola for the originals. I have no other link since Mercola does not keep the docs for long on his site.

      1. Hi Brother Bugnolo, every single Mercola article is chronologically and continuously stored at Lew Rockwell website, also the one in question. There is a video to go with it also, in german. I could not figure out how to get english subtitles on y-tube, but its possible according to comments below video.

  1. Dear brothers and sisters;
    A brief but important and very dangerous RNA sequence
    (for a furine-cleavage site) was PATENTED by ModeRNA
    in 2018… (and it’s unique of the SARS-CoV-2, which do exist). man-made-sars-cov2-gene-sequence-in-2018/

    A wireless system that connects PULSE-OXIMETER
    mini-motherboards with the cloud (via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
    or Bluetooth) was patented by Richard A. Rothschild first
    i n 2017 (in it’s first version)… very useful to monitor the
    damage done in a wary population) c6bae0bc1/US11024339.pdf

    Inserts similar to the HIV-AIDS GLYCOPROTEIN GP-120
    were revealed and published in ARXIV by researchers
    from INDIA in the first months of 2020 …

    Chinese researchers in Sweden discovered (in vitro
    studies) that BOTH the SPIKE protein from the
    SARS-CoV-2 and probably also the SPIKE protein induced
    by the so-called “mRNA vaccines”, will divide in
    SUB-UNITS, that enter cellular nucleus and impair
    mechanism of DNA repair, probably causing an early
    aging of the cells and maybe cancer.

    *Ma NON è un vaccino, è una terapia EPI-GENETICA
    (interferenza tra trascrizione e traduzione del DNA)
    e forse anche genetica (danni al DNA).

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