9 thoughts on “Dr. Peterson, Psychologist analyses Trudeau and Govt. Response in Canada”

  1. Hello dear brother Alexis,
    did you know that Peterson inject himself with the deathvaxx?
    so sorry to say but nothing he can say anymore to convince me!

  2. Yes. Thank you for posting different sides, Brother. We are able to discern. There are good people who have taken the death shot. Many regret. Deeply. Many are waking up. I pray for Mr Peterson.

  3. What he says here about the media is absolutely spot on. Is every death jabbed person lying for ever more?

  4. He has gone on record saying he regrets taking the fax, his father is unvaxxed as well as other family.

  5. Good video. I’m a little surprised Peterson has taken quite so long to become fully awake to the reality of wickedness in the government and media.

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