MILAN: Last night Globalist Gestapo hunted protesters with vicious tactics

This took place at the No Pass protest by Students against the demand to present a DeathVaxx Passport to attend University classes.

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3 thoughts on “MILAN: Last night Globalist Gestapo hunted protesters with vicious tactics”

  1. I saw some videos yesterday on YT regarding these incidents in Milan, but I have to admit the students made an enormous error. They were numerically inferior to the police and nonetheless, tried to block traffic. I commend them for their bravery, but this is something that right then and there on the spot, I would have strongly advised against. The police feel emboldened by their numerical superiority and hence, feel they can become overly aggressive. If those were about 200 Nigerian, Senegalese, and Ghanian drug dealers, the cops would have taken on an entire different approach… get in their squad cars and run like chickens to the local commissariato or caserma dei CC.

  2. Presto Polizia, Carabinieri ed Esercito dovranno…

    (e NESSUNO sarà disposto a difendere POLITICI,
    Si verificherà quanto lasciato in disegno dalla famiglia
    NOSTRADAMUS nel 1630… che il Vaticano cerca di
    censurare sin dal lontanto 1997 (in parte ci son riusciti).

    PS-> Chi parte per l’AFRICA si salva il CORPO ma soprattutto
    (Chi si dedica a mega-appartamenti e mangiate luculliane, boh?)

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