Ottawa Police beat and shoot Journalist from Rebel News

“Police have been instructed by Trudeau to attack journalists,” says reporter in Ottawa. — The whole free world needs to stand aghast at this.

And who would think that the city police of the Canadian capital were of this kind?

 But the truth is, as is the police in the capital of your nation, so is your government in truth. Nazis use gestapo and recruit gestapo, because that is what Nazis do.

And this is no exaggeration, because you do not act like this when you are planning to act lawfully against your own citizens:
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4 thoughts on “Ottawa Police beat and shoot Journalist from Rebel News”

  1. …and this poor soul being kneed in the kidney area by a costumed government thug, this goes on all over the world. Crimes committed by the minute everywhere. This person will most likely have serious organ damage. These criminals are taught to do this.

    Have Blessed Sunday

  2. Watching the Nazi/Communist Tactics of the Dictators indicates they are FINALLY ‘looking like’ they REALLY ARE AND HAVE BEEN FOR A LONG TIME. There are no more lies and no more pretense and that is a good thing. THE PEOPLE NOW KNOW WHO AND WHAT THE ENEMY IS…The Nazi Communist Dictator Puppets. They also KNOW they have NO Democratic Rules or Respect and will torture, maim, MURDER to CLING TO CONTROL OF THEM…TO MAKE THEM SLAVES.

    Those in Canada and the United States CAN be VERY GLAD THEY HAVE KEPT THEIR WEAPONS and that society is filled with those TRAINED IN THE RECENT Arab Wars…

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