12 thoughts on “Yes, Trudeau appointed a Foreign Minister in 2017 who has Nazi Grandfather”

  1. Just because a man had a criminal grandfather doesn’t necessarily mean he shares his grandfather’s ideology. Even though this may be true, this is “guilt by association” and brings down the tone of your blog. Every individual should be assumed to be innocent until proven otherwise.
    For your own credibility, I would respectfully suggest you remove this particular video.

    1. Seeing that Trudeau just called a grand daughter of a holocaust victim, “standing with Swastikas”, I think this post about his foreign minister adds to the credibility and honesty of FromRome.Info. Nazism is something Trudeau profoundly agrees with, as can be seen in how he has ordered the Police in Ottawa to act. Therefore, objective observers have to consider in detail why he chose certain persons to be his ministers. — Also, that descendents of Naxis agree with Nazism is not rare, nor a false accusation.

      1. Exactly, which has proven the ROTTEN fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, thanks Bro. Bugnolo for pointing it out.

    2. The truth is hard, but necessary. To move forward we need to confront the disease head on. Freeland knows her past, and has tried to deflect that. Klaus Swab and his proteges, graduates, in Trudeau and Freeland are a testament to his decision to include them in his stable. Yes, I will call him out also as a Nazi. There is a enough blame for all here. And, no, do not remove the link Brother Bugnolo. I fully support you.

      Peace to all today, this Sunday.

  2. When you omit important facts about historical facts and when you lie about other facts in recalling historical facts, one’s credibility suffers. That is what this article brings up in relation to Minister Freeland.

  3. Not surprising, Klaus Schwab and George Soros have Nazi backgrounds and the World Economic Forum they lead/serve has tentacles in most western governments (including Trudeau).

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