USA: American Convoy announces its Schedule Drive towards D.C.

Editor’s Note: In all honesty, this organization and its project appear to be a publicity stunt to raise money or push some particular agenda, not that of ending the Scamdemic. This convoy does not even intend to enter the Capital nor obstruct roads or organize a strike, and it does not seem to be run by truckers, but rather by a Hollywood publicity team. I do not think anything but a lot of hot air will be generated by it. — But for more information, click the image above.

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2 thoughts on “USA: American Convoy announces its Schedule Drive towards D.C.”

  1. I saw something the other day where someone suggested that all the trickiest should save their fuel and just stop working for four or five days… A. Less tax to government and B. It would only take a few days for the people to scream out for food and products…

    1. Exactly right, Mr. Butler. This is also what the Canadians should do. But they likely won’t.
      My concern about this slick-PR “convoy” is that it’s a false flag op designed to end in riots, after which Biden’s handlers will declare martial law and begin trying to confiscate guns from Americans.

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