6 thoughts on “EU Commision President’s Resignation demanded by EU MPs”

  1. To those in the USA, this is MAJOR.
    Member states of the EU are publicly exposing its institutional corruption and murky governance. Remember, the USA has several treaties with the EU that you don’t know about.
    Please share it to those who have little knowledge of how the EU works.

    1. GREETINGS from far West Texas.

      Hear, hear!

      As much as I dislike the construct of the EU (having read some of the foundational treaties), I’m encouraged to know of some MEP’s publicly speaking out against this global criminal “Scam-Demic”. In mid to late February 2020 when I found out about EVENT 201 held in NYC on October 18, 2019 I began my digging (having previously dug deep in to the Swine Flu “Scam-Demic” of 2009 and the Gardasil vaccine controversy before that) because I knew where this was heading. I pray this global crime against all humanity becomes fully exposed in the full light of day.

      PEACE and be well!

  2. Written a few times before: she is involved in a tremendous and lethal conflict of interest: she got this job because of her marriage to ‘vaccine’dealer heiko von der leyen: she is not allowed to keep it because of the above.

  3. Although what they say is true, it is unlikely they would be able to get Von der Lyen to resign because they need two thirds majority of votes to succeed. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of MEPs are corrupt and support the EU for what they can get out of it.

    I find it surprising these 4 MEPs think that they can get more transparency by getting rid of Von der Lyen. It seems very naïve given the many years their countries have been EU members. Haven’t they learned anything in all that time? Why are they not asking why the EU parliament exists only to rubber stamp policies made by the unelected bureaucrats without being able to make policies themselves? Why do they seem not to mind being treated as rubber stamp puppets? Could it be that they themselves want to keep their highly paid positions on board the EU gravy train? There has to be something else going on in the background to have created this call for resignation.

    The only solution to the corruption is for EU member countries to leave the EU as Britain did, and let the whole rotten structure implode in on itself. From the rubble maybe a genuine union of independent European countries can be created based on sovereign nation states cooperating with each other while retaining their distinct characteristics instead of the same shade of grey. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen though.

  4. Pfizer REFUSES to release Data about the POISON “Nano Particle Graphene Oxide Gene Therapy” called a vaccine…In Europe and the United States while trying to build factories to produce these POISONS into perpetuity?
    Concurrently, backing away from Mandates…AS PLANNED FOR THE Globalist Nazi Communist Cabal to manipulated TRUST through their “Great Narriative” PRAVDA-like propaganda.
    Nice to see there are some with common sense in EU. This is the THIRD TIME for the Germans to AGAIN threaten the world with the new Hitler, Schwab…A Jew, no less. Happens to be a Rothschild…The Rockefeller/Henry Kissinger’s Political Progeny. Difficult to believe the eugenicists are at it yet again in an age of Soros’s Antifa/BLM Militia raising hell about Discrimination.
    GOOD TO SEE SOME Von der Leyen/Merkel/Macron OPPOSITION.

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