Is 5G killing Birds en masse?

Editor’s Note: That 5G is killing birds is something which must be considered as possible, even though it has been known for decades that animals which flock together in great numbers, do so out of neurological reflex which can be heightened to such a degree by numbers of the same species and/or bacteriological or toxic influences, that when they congregated in extreme densities mass death can result from starvation or anxiety or panic.

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4 thoughts on “Is 5G killing Birds en masse?”

  1. It is proven that 5G kills birds because there has now been dozens of videos over the last two years which show huge numbers of birds lying dead under trees and on pavements shortly after a 5G cell tower was switched on.

    There doesn’t need to be a swarm of disorientated birds crashing into each other (although the reason for the disorientation is because of 5G) for them to die. In many videos no swarms of birds were seen, only the dead bodies of the birds, as though they had fallen dead from the trees.

    Many 5G towers were set up during 2020 when millions of people were under unlawful house arrest. In this way authorities were not faced with huge protests against 5G. When large numbers of dead birds were reported by bird organizations and other people to local authorities, absolutely nothing was done about it. They denied it had anything to do with 5G. Since most birds are small creatures they would not be able to absorb the same level of radiation from 4G and 5G cell towers as human beings can. Clearly this would affect people’s pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, fish etc. Every living creature is being affected, including plant and sea life. The only difference is it would take a longer exposure for human beings to see the affects of 5G than other creatures.

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