The DeathVaxx and DeathSwab are for Genetically Re-engineering Humanity
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21 thoughts on “The DeathVaxx and DeathSwab are for Genetically Re-engineering Humanity”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    that is scary and frightening at the same time; alchemists in the 21st century.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is nonsense. Science is primitive and so are computers, which have to use binary arithmetic, i.e. the most primitive “mathematical” system known to man. Manipulating a few genes does not create new but severely handicapped human beings. These so-called scientists seem to be unaware that the human genome only has about 20,000 genes (a flea has 31,000) and this genome is an antenna and nothing else. Human DNA, which includes bacteria, fungi and viruses, amounts to 10 to the power of 30 or even more, i.e. it is vast and it is laughable and completely absurd that so-called scientists think they can improve mankind by manipulating a few genes. This sort of undertaking can only end in disaster comparable to or even worse then the creation of a “vaccine” for a nonexisting virus.

    1. Thank you for debunking in terms we lay people can understand.
      Creating gratuitous fear at this time is inexcusable.

  3. I have seen him before talking about this subject. In another clip he calls people “hackable animals”.
    They don’t view humans in very high regard.

    God bless

  4. Being able to upload yourself into a machine has been rich man’s wet dream for ages as a means to overcome the biological death. There are now companies who actually develop and sell human shells for your future robot self.

  5. * … Not from some god in the sky above the clouds. But from our cloud .. IBM, Microsoft. Intelligent design*. Lol. … This is what happens when nerds with too much time on their hands are promoted above their pay grade; indulged with too much play dough.
    Yet again, hubris mistakes itself for talent.
    Of course liars do not declare the source of their appropriated ancient knowledge, nor the retrieval and reverse engineering that boasts as their own invention.
    … A 21stC Babel, the cables for which his unworked hands could not lift an inch. The only way these betas ever gain an edge over God’s people is via their father of lies. Throwing everything into the final desperate time-limited campaign to trick and force-inject their poison into God’s supreme creation.

    … If there was ever a such a brazen challenge to St Michael, to come-get-me. The beta boy threw his mitten into the ring. How many days will he count until that very cloud he dismisses has him fill his booties.
    Matthew 24:30

  6. So what I am putting together is that they are deploying different batches with several objectives in mind. Some are lethal. Others take more time and trigger cancers and slow-burn type illnesses., which will generate a lot of money for the US for-profit medical complex. Lastly, the rest appear to be relatively safe but do include gene modification operating systems for preparation into the NWO system of absolute control. All planned to be a depopulation, assimilation, and for profit venture. Perfectly in line with their thinking. Yeah! pick your poison. I personally chose to not take the mark and live free outside this matrix of control. My soul will never be enslaved ever again.

  7. Harari is INSANE. He is not the end-all and be-all for Human Survival. Control Freak Extraordinaire. Indict, Try the Psychopaths ‘Live Stream’ for the whole world to determine Crimes Against Humanity. THIS IS CRIMINAL…Just the idea.
    This is what needs censored…Not the proponents of ‘Free Speech’ and opposition to these Globalist Nazi Communist Cabal Wackos.

  8. Would be highly interesting to hear Fr. Vladamir Zelenko’s thoughts and opinions about this fanatic with TOXIC philosophies and applied goals for the Globalist Nazi Communist Cabal.

  9. She may not have known buptkus about gene splicing, but you can’t say say Mary Shelley didn’t try to warn us….

  10. I doubt this is even possible. But I think it’s disgusting that these filthy pigs want to try it.

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