7 thoughts on “Trump Administration involved in International Medical Racketeering”

  1. Having trouble accessing this video. Sounds like something I have thought for awhile. Is there any chance of editor notes about the content of it doesn’t work? Thank you, Brother, for all you do!

  2. It goes deeper than that. Operation Warp Speed fast tracked this cover up and re-engineered it as a worldwide military/medical industrial complex racketeering opportunity. Operation Warp Speed was a military operation designed to protect two industries, the graphene industry and the telecomm industry which is in effect the cyber weapons and espionage industry. Remember it is two substances causing the damage here, graphene/graphene oxide and radiation amplification (the bilateral pneumonia – and the red blood cell damage – the smoking guns). The clinical directives to use Remdesivir, Propofol, Fentanyl, anti depressants and a ventilator were created by the DOD, who is still enforcing them. Remdesivir alone will mimic the symptoms of this combined damage, lungs fill with fluid bilaterally and kidney damage. You excrete graphene oxide via the lungs and kidneys and it is this combined effect that ARE the symptoms of CV19. Who are they protecting? Israel.

  3. The volume of the Ruby GUEST needs escalated, turned-way-up, intensified. CAN’T hear it. Too hard to listen.

  4. Most all of the politicians are massively corrupt and making loads of cash off of the suffering and death of people. And they think nothing badly of themselves for it. To them it is just another opportunity for money and fame.

  5. Everyone involved in this scam knew exactly what was in these injections. They also knew exactly what these injections were designed for and that was murder. This was never about money and fame for these people but rather an anti human agenda. However, there is a bit of good news as it looks as though some of the sleeping sheep are about to be woken up. Nothing will jolt them out of their slumber faster than when their portfolios begin to lose massive amounts of money. It seems Wall Street has begun connecting the dots to the amount of fraud involved in all of this and the consequences those who have been injected will suffer. Many of the brokers were told no jab no job so they complied and now they are very very pissed off.

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