Br. Bugnolo explains How to Sanctify Lent

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6 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo explains How to Sanctify Lent”

  1. What does it mean to go back to the righteous pat?
    We truckers, nurses, workers of the world – we are on the righteous pat.
    The trudeaus, the von der layens, the draghis, the bidens, the soroses, the schwabs of this world they are on the sinful pat, they should turn back.
    So what does it mean that we should punish ourselves and convert?
    We are punished already very hard. Everyday the elites punish and oppress us- ordinary, hard working people.
    Why should we punish ourselves? Even more?
    Jesus sees that nothing can help us , we can not help us – no demonstration, no blockades, nothing… the elites can do with us what they want. We are like Israel in Egypt. Why doesn’t Jesus come to the earth and punish the elites – as they deserve it? Instead we should punish ourselves? Every day is a punishment… because nothing can help us. If Jesus waits even longer, even the rest of his believers will fall… sorry that I write this but I am desperate and I am loosing my hope…

    1. I think you orofoundlt misunderstand this video, which is not about politics but personal moral reform and repentance.

    2. Justina,
      Fear is the dark weapon of those who scheme to control our physical existence. Their tool has been very successful to date, and it is likely they will increase the pressure until they destroy themselves. Destruction ultimately devours itself, as that is the nature of the beast. … A small consolation for us right now. But it will happen. Our united prayers for divine intervention to shorten the days will make it so.

      … Ask the Holy Spirit to calm your fears, to ease the anxiety and to fill you with courage. Ask whenever the worry strikes; in those moments of panic.
      What you receive will be miraculous. The fear will vanish, and your day will brighten
      Take heart. We are under God who works through us.
      God bless you. May His light shine upon you, with comfort and strength

      (PS. Avoid TV fear-porn, aka *news*.)

    3. Do you remember that the rich young man declared he had kept the commandments since his childhood? Even for him, there was “room for improvement.” Our Lady made it clear that the good have to do more for the sake of the evil, lest hell claim these latter. Opportunities for mortifications that are subtle & regular abound, if only we keep an eye open to find them. We can usually tell we’re doing them wisely when we persevere in them w/o driving anyone — including ourselves — (I was going to say “batty”) to frustration.

  2. Fewer than 48 hrs past a feast of the Petrine Chair’s celebration, Russia errupts upon Ukraine. Am suspecting that many other readers, like myself, cannot help thinking us to witness the beginning of the dread chastisement of which our Lady warned were the Apostolic College to fail in the task Mary put to it. It is not yet a century — as it was for the French royal line — & the killing has only begun; what will we experience by ’29?
    May God quickly heal the papacy that the Consecration of Russia be accomplished. How dire are the stakes for each one’s making a particularly fervent Lent….

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