BREAKING: War in the Ukraine!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This morning at 5 A.M. local time, Russian forces began the invasion of the Ukraine along the Belarus border, on the northern frontiers of the former Soviet S.S.R..

Russian forces comprise  artillery, tanks and infantry. Belarus is supporting the military operations from within its own borders. Ukraine militarily has much inferior forces.

Russia has fired missiles at Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

The USA and NATO have only announced new sanctions and promised the Ukraine support and assistance. Biden has explicitly affirmed that U. S. ground troops will not be deployed in the Ukraine and will not engage Russian forces, lest a World War break out.

From these basic facts, I conclude that the Ukraine cannot possibly win this war, and if Putin has committed his best forces, Kiev should be taken in a few weeks. After that I expect the resistance to collapse. But whether Russia will be able to take total control and maintain it is unclear as of yet.

The Ukraine produced the vast majority if grain, coal and steel during the Soviet Union, and Russia cannot return to being a real super power without its reincorporation. The Ukraine has been Independent from Russia inky a few decades in the last few centuries.

From the first few hours of reports, it appears that Russia is going for total annexation of the Ukraine, using strategic targeted attacks, without damaging major infrastructure, but aiming to break the Ukraine’s ability to resist conquest.

The only hope to save part of the Ukraine is if Poland invades from the west and takes that part which once belonged to her, before Russia, the USA and the U.K., decided to give it to the Soviet Union after World War II.



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  1. Information about Chinese ships entering Taiwan’s waters is being replicated by reliable OSINT intelligence sources.

  2. I’ve been sharing updates and videos to Cross Azure, just woke up to see what is going on in the European Theater. A Full Scale Invasion Ukraine says on Twitter.

  3. I’ve heard of an greek orthodox proohecy, the russians will one day liberate Constantinople (Istambul) from the Turks and reestablish the Eastern Roman Empire from there. This move might be the beginning of that enterprise.

    1. I have heard that one too. A number of old prophecies allude to Russia being at the forefront of a general war (terrible in scale) that overtakes all of Europe. Apparently this terrible war leads up to the eventual triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I have always wondered how and when that war would start. (I’m not saying that this is definitely it, but it could be the start of it)

  4. We can now expect a flood of refuges (up to 2-3 millions).
    The fact that Ucraine is so vital to Russia is obvious. But there is also another reason for the invasion: Ucraine was becoming “European” in the daily life, for the ordinary people, a striking and crushing difference with the “peasant” typical Russian life style.

  5. Funny. Nobody is trying to put two and two together. Apparently, that’s how much brainwashing has happened and the extent of normalcy bias that rules perceived reality.

    Take notice.

    The WEF’s penetration includes Russia. Putin is a WEF young global leader (cult) graduate, so the question arises whether or not the timing of this — while the covid narrative and world economy are daily getting closer to collapsing is pure dumb luck for the West, or Vlad giving his friends a little help to obfuscate and control the restless natives.

    Suddenly every screaming headline is the Ukraine, not covid, when and if to relax restrictions, what to do about mandates, medical deception and institutional corruption coming to light, Nuremberg 2.0, growing Western tyranny, looming economic doom, etc, Strange. Why now?

    The not so obvious here — of Vlad being a willing tool — is worth considering because we are, after all, dealing with inverted reality (which C. Hedges and D. Icke have brilliantly laid bare), as well as a highly sophisticated con game on a world scale. Smoke and mirrors are constantly being employed effectively by “princes of the world” to shape our perception of what is real.

    Among other things, we should ask ourselves why Russia‘s central banker (somebody Vlad could have fired a long time ago) remains a vocal fixture, supporter and adherent of IMF and ECB dogma (Lagarde being a WEF stakeholder partner) and why the Sputnik vaccine makers are cooperating with Pfizer and Moderna in different ways. Add to that the fact that Russia has also instituted limited mandates and its own green pass, all a version of the WEF’s wet dream. Apparently, Sputnik is also creating injuries and deaths, although it is a vector-based jab.

    Obviously, a Russian bogeyman or foil serves many highly useful purposes, so the only real question here is how far Vlad is cooperating to help his “Western partners” bamboozle the great unwashed masses. From a game theory perspective this possibility deserves very close attention.

    Look on the internet at the smiling picts of the KGB man with Klaus while pondering these questions.

    Why at this precise moment in time hand the West and Klaus what it needs — namely a war — to save itself politically and economically? Why not simply let it all implode? It’s all just a little too cute.

    Cui bono?

  6. True! During Soviet times, Ukraine produced a lot more compared to today’s world where it has essentially become a US colony like the rest of Europe, stripped of most of its assets by the usual Wall Street scum. It’s a true shame, since Ukranian wheat is the best in the world quality wise and was the grain used for a lot of top Italian pasta lines such as Pasta Agnesi, one of the best in Italy. The perpetrators and instigators of this mess can be traced to the dual Israeli-Ukraine oligarchs under US tutelage which have destroyed the country. After years of patience and guarded observation, Putin and Russia have finally had enough. The ramifications for Europe however will be monstrous….causing everyone to forget about the plandemic. Say hello to skyrocketing prices and shortages everywhere. International markets will be exploding…now.

  7. THE PROPHECIES OF SISTER ELENA AIELLO 1959: The Madonna ” Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the Dome of St. Peter’s. Italy will be severely tired by a great revolution, and Rome will be purified in blood for its many sins, especially those of impurity! The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope must suffer greatly!”

  8. Can anyone speak to the percentage of muslims in the Russian army and its implications?

    1. Perhaps fewer than 2%, as there are few parts of the Russian Federation which have sizeable Islamic populations.

  9. Why now, indeed! That is the question.

    Before I came here, I frequented sites who have the answer to that question. One answer is the uncomfortable fact of global cooling that the global warming scam was designed to cover up, suppress and de-prepare people for, if I may coin a word.

    Many, many reputable scientists, who are not in the back pocket of the globalists, have been trying to warn humanity that the sun is going into a cyclic decline. As its output diminishes, the earth is overall growing cooler, but the immediate and most noticeable effect is climate chaos, caused mostly by the unreliable actions of jetstreams that used to be much more predictable. Now we have hotspots and coldspots, but the MSM only reports the former, ignoring the latter, thus furthering the cause of the global warming scam.

    Of course the PTB (Powers That Be, ie: Freemasons/Satanists) know full well that we are heading into a mini ice age, such as the one that occured during the Middle Ages. Crop losses are already occuring, for those who have eyes to see. The PTB are in the process of “culling the herd” as food supplies dwindle.

    For further information on this subject, see

    Many people see individual pieces in this great puzzle-such as the global warming scam, the great Covid/Vax scam, the Grand Solar Minimum, the coming tyranny, corruption on an unheard of scale in the Church, and so on.

    Some people are able to put some of the puzzle pieces together to form a bigger picture. It is hard-or impossible- for most people to conceive of a picture so big that it includes the whole world and everything that is going on in it at this time.

    That is why I am so delighted to have found this site. Only Christians are capable of seeing the “Biggest Picture”! Most of them don’t, but Br. Bugnolo comes the closest I have seen anywhere of anyone putting the whole puzzle together.

    Because I am an outsider, always have been, I can see a lot of things that other people, who are connected into one system or another, cannot.

    I am wholly convinced that we are living Revelation at this time. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to live through these awful events, but it’s not for me to choose. “My times are in His hands”.

    I believe that the war in Ukraine is part of the choreographed series of events we have been living through. Planned and staged by the evil ones. The war in Ukraine serves several purposes.

    1) With the mini ice age advancing, great portions of Russian agriculture will be offline. They MUST have grain from the Ukraine to survive.
    2) With so much pushback occuring on the vax mandates, the war in Ukraine serves as as a distraction from the real agenda of the PTB (which is reducing the population of the earth by 3/4), as well as throwing their opponents off balance. Many good people are fighting the global warming scam, and the vax scam, without realizing that today’s battlefield is the war scam.
    3) If this war evolves and escalates, it will further the goal of the PTB in population reduction.

    Remember: famine, disease, war and death. The Four Horsemen.

      1. ‘Fatima and the Great Conspiracy’ by Deirdre Manifold (RIP), an Irish writer with amazing insight and intelligence. This book first published in 1987 nails it. It woke me from my slumber when I was kindly, given a copy in the late nineties. Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us. 🙏❤️

    1. … And 4) The rising of the Final Antichrist (the set stage already prepared, they need cyber attacks especially on the bank system, so they can bring the ONE World currency etc)

  10. I wonder if the order to invade was issued at 2:22 on 2/22/2022? That would be handy to know, if so.

    1. Certainly not. It must have been on 23.02. And yet in some time zones, the invasion happened on 23.02, not on 24.02.

      The fact that it happened in the middle of the Olympic armistice 28.01-20.03.2022 plays into Daniel 9:27. The conquest of Charnobyl could be seen as the famed ‘abomination of desolation’.

      1. Thanks, Ana. The speech you mentioned was recorded on 2/21, if I understood correctly. The man in the video mentioned that there was a “cyber” attack on Ukraine preceding the invasion. It’s possible that that began on 2/22, I suppose. I don’t know. It’s just a curiosity for me, and nothing more.

  11. The Ukrainian people commit genocide in the Donbas Region since 2014. People in Donbas are very lucky and happy that Putin recognize them independent. Putin doesn’t won’t Ukraine he just want to give independence and freedom to his people in Donbas.

  12. Brother BUGNOLO, if you keep reporting the news of the totally lying Western mainstream, it means that you have not yet understood clearly what is happening in Europe and soon, in America and the whole world. It is very dangeorus for you, your followers and Americans, who do not understand and therefore do not prepare themselves adequately. You have a big responsibility. Western medias are totally manipulated by the West which want impose the demonic NWO, totally refused by Russia.

    US refused to negotiate with Russia before start of operation in Ukraine — diplomat

    Ukraine crisis 24 Feb, 16:47

  13. Welcome to the New World

    …” The West supported Nazi regime in Ukraine for 8 years based on perfidious claims and pursuing one and only objective–trying to blow up Russia. This stops now. West wanted to see real Shock and Awe–here it is, watch and learn. The Nazi structure in Ukraine will be utterly demolished finishing the job which Stalin didn’t finish and Khrushchev greatly exacerbated by allowing the remnants of Galician Nazi war criminals out of where they were supposed to stay forever–prisons. Now the job will be finished.”…

    …and then on to Ottawa, please clean up the Galician/Banderites there.

    I will have a serving of Crown Royal today.

  14. It’s interesting how the numbers 2, 11, 20 and 22 keep cropping up in these events, especially pysops.

  15. THANK YOU, Br Alexis, and all who have commented on this post. I was painfully “red-pilled” out of my comfortable slumber long ago in regard to the evil that has infiltrated The Church; and recognized the global scamdemic for what it is right from the start. But learning about & considering Rebecca’s & CGI’s theories about the coming mini-ice age, and Russia/Putin’s cooperation with the WEF, is new to me. I feel the same as Rebecca – that I don’t want to be here to live through these awful events. But if it is God’s Will that I am here, I want & need to be spiritually and physically prepared.

    Will any of you please comment on how to prepare for a mini-ice age?!

    God’s richest blessings to all.
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  16. The former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson, who was fired by the agency under unclear charges, claimed about 20 years ago that Putin was a former Royal Arch Freemason and head of the E. German Stasi ruled by the KGB.

    At the fall of the USSR Putin turned to the MI6 Moscow Bureau chief, John Scarlett (also a Royal Arch Freemason and later head of MI6), for help. There was a famine in St. Petersburg at the time where Putin had family. Scarlett agreed to help Putin by giving him a new identity and setting him up in Britain as a teacher of German which Putin is fluent in. Putin’s family would follow him at a later date.

    Somewhere along the way, according to Tomlinson, Scarlett reneged on the deal and plotted to have Putin murdered as soon as he set foot in Britain. Through his extensive network of contacts Putin became aware of this, called the agreement off and stayed in Russia, eventually working his way into the presidency.

    Tomlinson said Putin was able to break his Royal Arch Freemasonry mind control around 5 years after Scarlett had plotted to have him murdered. At this time MI6 laptops began disappearing from various European countries, including Russia. They contained the codes for all MI6 agents in Europe along with the codes for the mind control techniques they had been put under, which Tomlinson said Putin had people break the codes.

    In Tomlinson’s view, Putin became a pariah because he was no longer one of “them” and so no longer under their control. In this way he was deemed a threat to their control because of his position as president of the biggest country in the world, and so the only way to deal with him was to try and totally isolate Russia. Could this partly be what is going on at the moment? What other compromising information might he have found on the MI6 laptops he had stolen? Why does the West want to put deadly weapons right on Russia’s doorstep despite agreeing never to do so and knowing how Putin would respond to such an obvious threat? Is there much more to these current hostilities than the fact the elites always get much richer after yet another foreign war which only concerns two countries and is none of the business of the others?

  17. Biden’s near to nothing, dementia leadership in foreign policy led to this. China is not far behind Russia. Soon, due to the lack of good policy, Biden’s stupid decisions will embolden China to invade Taiwan. This is what happens when the pope- including all of the post-conciliar popes refused to consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Perhaps Benedict can do this?

  18. Remember, “everything’s a rich man’s trick”. Probably the main point of this is to distract from the Covid hoax, because that’s what we need to focus on and bring these criminals to justice. And yes, as others have said, Putin is a WEF boy.

    1. Although, it seems perhaps he is in Ukraine to clean up the Deep State. Whatever the case — all eyes should be fixed on what the globalists are up to, I think.

  19. I think that Russia represents the forces of Justice in the present war.

    In 2014 a CIA-thug coup overthrew the duly elected president Yanukovych for the crime of being insufficiently pro-western; and replaced him eventually with the Jewish comedian Zelensky. Crimea, Donbass, and Lugansk refused to be part of it and declared their independence, Crimea voluntarily re-uniting with Russia. Since then Ukraine has waged war on Donbass and Lugansk, routinely shelling civilians. The Minsk agreements, supported by Russia, called for negotiations between the Ukrainian thugocracy and the Donbass/Lugansk. Russia also has legitimate security concerns–completely ignored by the West, which has militarized Ukraine, sent military personnel into Ukraine, threatened to install THAAD anti-ballistic missiles.

    Ukraine/NATO has brought this on themselves.

    It’s now Holy Russia vs. a Secular-Judaic West.

    Is Putin the great Christian monarch who will defeat
    the thugs, bankers, homosexuals, and satanists?

    Time will tell.

    God defend the right.


  20. Dont expect anything good from Putin as he is a Ctyptojew so is also the Presiden of Ukraine Wolodymyr Selenskyj a Cryptojew,they work both together to punish and kill the Christian Goyim!

  21. Thank you Debora, I needed this for this puzzle. I also thank Brother Alexis for the final conclusion of your article. For today, the only chance for the people of Ukraine is to join Poland, but because of the satanic cult of Bandera strengthened by the USA, the people of Western Ukraine are fanatically anti-Polish. Ukraine as a part of Poland has always flourished in development, but Anglo-Saxons of madness with mania for power over the world have always started wars there with the help of their proxies – mainly Turkey and Russia.

  22. Russia is ONLY shelling the armaments firing into Lugansk and Donetsk. Thats it ! All the rest is theatre. Putin has no intention of going anywhere near Kiev, or taking over Ukraine. He supports the people of the republic of Lugansk and Donetsk, and is protecting them.

  23. Wow Br. Bugnolo, Quite the string here. Bet you were at the console all day with this. Can see there is content contributions from everywhere covering about every aspect of this situation in both support and not of both sides. Am impressed by the level of sophistication and plethora ideas, fantasies and facts. Can see myself to have been in good company in this outlet in trying to learn and make sense of this crazy world which seems to have benefited the evil through the internet more than the good from most perspectives.

    First, the anglo-saxons I know don’t wish to control the world and not all of us are secular. Br. Bugnolo is obviously NOT secular. I am completely UNAWARE of any Nazis being in the Ukraine; although, there are no doubts they could be there.
    ‘Funcle Fester the Pesterer’ fraudulently installed in the White House is no doubt a Nazi and supported by Nazis…The one’s financing WW2 on both sides who avoided the Nuremberg Tribunals and survived to arise today via ‘The Nazi Communist Cabal’ in Davos at the WEF with Klaus Schwab. They have many well known wealthy family names and have been the Govt. behind most elected Govt. in the world for many years. We all KNEW they existed. Most of us just didn’t know who THEY were until now since their RAGE and FURY when Donald Trump won over Clinton caused them to EXPOSE THEMSELVES. Indeed, they hail from around the globe and most indeed are from Europe and The U.S.

    There is no doubt about Putin being a part of Schwab’s WEF; ‘The Nazi Communist Cabal’ in Davos and there’s also NO DOUBT The Cabal DOES KNOW AND HAS ALSO APPROVED THIS PLAN of Russia to attack the Ukraine. There is no question Putin probably has approval to attack Europe since the New World Order is all about maximum chaos, confusion, destruction and death allowing them to install their Nazi Communist Cabal. Putin is already part of the NWO.

    In Russia where Censoring and PRAVDA originated; this was part of the social plan defining Communism. Putin LOVED the Communist Social Plan…The four hour lines for one head of cabbage and apartments with bare wires and a single light bulb. Nobody allowed to leave and nobody allowed to visit Russia. He was an active and vital part of the KGB. It’s doubtful he would EVER allow his own people to know a lousy thing he is or plans now. The Annual Gathering at the WEF in Davos was held a few weeks past and as Putin made a point to be at the Olympics with Xi; he also made a point to be with Schwab in Davos FOR DRAMA since Russian forces were gathering at the Ukrainian border.

    Who is this Neanderthal PROUD of attacking Ukraine due to having Nazis, etc.? He claims Russia is going to Jackboot their way across Europe and Europe deserves it? Now, America and the rest of the world “Secular and semitic’ can deal with it? Why in the world are people STILL hateful towards Jewish people? There are rotten people everywhere of every persuasion. It is poor to speak generally poorly about anything or anybody one is not experienced and informed about. Neither I; nor people I know speak poorly of Russia even though we have Russians escaping from the tyranny enacted upon the people for decades. One man takes a piece of fruit to work every day for lunch even if it’s only one grape…Just to remember living in Russia where he could have NONE. As there are rotten and good people everywhere; so too there are poor and wealthy. In America; even the poor can have fruit and nobody waits in line for cabbage for four hours. And, those times were when Ukraine was still existing as part of the USSR.

    In all these years since the Russians were released from Communism; America and Europe COULD HAVE INVADED AND TAKEN Russia WITH NO PROBLEM. America is NOT known to colonize as Russia does, China does and Europe once did. No, America is far sneakier than to just rocket and blast their way into any country they CLAIM. That is NOT wrote with any pride. Those in Washington D.C. have lost their way just as the Communists in Russia once did and most people in America can’t stomach D.C. just as we can’t stomach war. Of course, the world doesn’t know that since all on the news and Social Media is scandalous.

    Once upon a time, the environmentalists did support the ‘mini Ice Age’ theory…Up until 1999 or thereabouts. Climate has changed throughout history and most people don’t believe in ‘Climate Change’. Many believe it to be propaganda. The Elite hides TREASON since they are bought and paid-for by the Chinese and the WEF in Davos as well as to justify the New World Order with their ‘Depopulation Plan’, Economic Chaos and ENSLAVEMENT OF THE POPULATION remaining in the world. SLAVERY includes Russians.

    Anyone knowing the history of Russia and Ukraine KNOWS the countries have huge histories. Personally, it would have been for wiser in my view if ‘The People’ of Ukraine had had an election to CHOOSE to return to Russia or continue to be independent in sovereignty. Since Russia and Ukraine are so close, it seems wiser for the countries to have worked-out deals to trade and prosper together. Most people in America outside of the New York and Washington D.C. area just plain don’t care and believe these kinds of choices are up to the people. Of course, in the world we all know how difficult it is for some of the kids to play nice in the schoolyard…And, some BULLIES like the man in the post above indicates with his BRAGGING about ‘Shock and Awe’ which is really to destroy REAL PEOPLE’S LIVES. It’s the one claiming to drinking ‘Crown Royal’. Since Crown is made in Manitoba, Canada…Seems the west isn’t bad with everything, Ay?

    Personally, I pray and am ashamed to admit it is something which ebbs and peaks…Sometimes, prayer is far more substantial within as it is for most people. My family was particularly devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary along with Our Lady of Fatima…And, I am particular to ‘The Holy Family’ of the last of the Fatima Apparitions when the sun danced. I am consecrated to both ‘Our Lady’ as well as St. Joseph as the Patron Saint of Sexual Purity since I’ve worked with Sexually Addicted and Dysfunctional people.

    The world is in terrible condition. Yet, it is NOT about the world. Our battle is SPIRITUAL…As stated in Ephesians 6:11-12. There is ample proof Satan begins with this plan of the Davos Crowd’s Nazi Communist Cabal allied with the CCP. Someone claimed Putin wasn’t a part of this group and that person is WRONG. This group of people has the technology to allow persons like your Putin, Xi, The British Royals, Trudeau, Obama, Clintons, Bush, Rockefellers, Macron, etc. ABSOLUTE POWER AND CONTROL OVER EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD at every moment of every day of everyone’s life from the cradle to the grave. This is power the Lenin’s, Stalins, Maos, Castros, Clintons, Obamas, and every other little Control Freak Psycho wanting to RULE OVER PEOPLE dream of having. Maybe, you folks in Russia better awaken to the reality of your own thug because it really is about the Thugs vs ‘The People’. Does EVERYONE UNDERSTAND THIS?

    The Roman Catholic Church is a mess…No doubt sexually perverse, monetarily corrupt, Fascist, Communist, Heretical, Apostate…And, it cancels those who are faithful to God, and wish to save souls. Evil has always hated good and this has never changed nor will it change until Jesus comes again. Though Russia wasn’t allowed religion for many decades; it’s certain Putin was Baptized as he claimed. Problem is he’s a FAKE CATHOLIC just like the senile freak installed in the White House. There are many FAKE Catholics in the world. People are fake everything. Many are superficial and deny God and it’s sad at how little substance exists. The world has no idea of the number of CANCELLED Holy People to exist. There are many thousands and so the Church will survive regardless of destruction.

    I’m praying to the ‘Blessed Mother’ and St. Joseph for their intercession of the Ukraine people since there are many faithful Catholics in the Ukraine. I’m praying for Russia…As Russia’s ERRORS mentioned at Fatima were allowed to spread around the world due to it not being fully consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as she requested at Fatima, or it was only partially done TOO LATE. It is these ERRORS now threatening the whole planet. Satan is indeed alive and well and knows he loses; thus, he and the hordes of hell are especially terrible as they know their time is short. I didn’t ever dream of living the ‘End’; but always knew it was possible since my Great-Grandmother who was alive for Fatima told me it was probable I would. I too suspect the ‘End’ to be now…And, though I pray it isn’t…I live as though it is. Life is about to become negatively stressful on Earth it seems.

    Everyone MUST pray for the planet and every one of our countries. The Reality Is… THUGS vs THE PEOPLE.
    Everybody here is “The People”…And, it’s certain the THUGS are Monitoring as they monitor everything. May God have mercy on us all and on the whole world. May God bless us with peace and keep us in the palm of his hand. It’s now 4:14 a.m. and at this time…I pray he blesses the world with good rest.

  24. This is the year of truth and I hope Putin is a good guy. Not sure yet. Will depend on what he will do in Ukraine once it is in his hands.

    1. Putin lost all his credibility with his last TV appearance. Calling them drug addicts and Nazis sounds like desperation to me. Putin is going down. 👎

      1. That Putin called the Jewish President of the Ukraine a Nazi, like Trudeau just did of a Jewish MP in the Canadian Parliament, shows that they are reading from the same playbook. This is called diversionary propaganda. Those who work for the WEF are the true Nazis, and Trudeau and Putin are both Schwab students. This does not mean that Zelensky is not a globalist. But it does mean that the Globalists want the Ukraine incorporated into Russia.

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