War in the Ukraine: Feb. 24, 2022 — First Twelve Hours of Action

Strategic Bombing of Factories and Military Bases in the Ukraine:

Russian Armored Column Crosses Crimea Frontier:

Russia bombs Ukranian City of Dnipro:

Live report in English from Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine:

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9 thoughts on “War in the Ukraine: Feb. 24, 2022 — First Twelve Hours of Action”

  1. I would have more trust in Putin that ANY political ‘leader’ of the west , or any western MSM

  2. Putin is among the WEF Schwabby Knobby Grads and following Trudope’s totalitarian Psychosis in Canada; this is no doubt another step towards destabilization of the west…A forewarning of what is to come. Have NO doubt Davos with ALL MEMBERS agreed to all of this…Especially, since the Annual WEF Shindig was just a few weeks past. Don’t care about Trump flaws and apparent attention-seeking behavior. THISAND THE THREAT OF THE CCP WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING WERE HE PRESIDENT. Knowing Pachamama at the Vatican IS A MEMBER OF WEF…Most certainly IS AGREEABLE TO THIS. DESPICABLE!

    1. Just about the whole truther community know that Putin is on the side of the angels. Violence is sometimes necessary to rid the world of evil.

      1. Just goes to show you how naive the “truther community” is, and how deeply manipulated by Globalist propaganda and counter-propaganda.

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