BREAKING: Russian Federation Forces enter Kiev!

The objective is the total annexation of the Ukraine:

The Ukrainians, however, have not failed to have examples of courage and audacity in resistance:

The Ukrainians Govt. agencies foreign diplomatic corps are transferring to Lvov, in far Southwest Ukraine, near the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Moldavia, Romania and Hungary.

To get an idea of the forces of the Russian Federation in and around Kiev:

 Oh, and if you think Putin is establishing a Christian state in the Ukraine, just watch what flag the Russian tank is sporting, as it drives on to Kiev along a major highway….

Russian ground forces 45 KM from Kiev!

 by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is an amazing development. Ground Forces of the Russian Federation have succeeded in penetrating to within 45 km of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, in just 27 hours after the invasion began.

The threat is so imminent, that the Ukrainian government has ordered the demolition of bridges entering the capital to prevent the Russian advance.

This means that the armed forces of the Russian Federation are advancing without any opposition.

Now, I understand why Putin has called this a “special military operation”. This is not a war. This is what is called, in military tactics, a complete overrun.  The Ukraine will be no more in a matter of days.

The rapid Russian advance seems to have been achieved in part by means of the use of German WWII tactics of infiltration, in violation of all international law: