Russian ground forces 45 KM from Kiev!

 by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is an amazing development. Ground Forces of the Russian Federation have succeeded in penetrating to within 45 km of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, in just 27 hours after the invasion began.

The threat is so imminent, that the Ukrainian government has ordered the demolition of bridges entering the capital to prevent the Russian advance.

This means that the armed forces of the Russian Federation are advancing without any opposition.

Now, I understand why Putin has called this a “special military operation”. This is not a war. This is what is called, in military tactics, a complete overrun.  The Ukraine will be no more in a matter of days.

The rapid Russian advance seems to have been achieved in part by means of the use of German WWII tactics of infiltration, in violation of all international law:

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9 thoughts on “Russian ground forces 45 KM from Kiev!”

  1. Chechen paramilitaries (known as Kadyrovites) have been mobilized and are preparing to depart for Ukraine on orders by Putin

    1. Each Chechen with a set of photographs of their intended targeted Ukraine govt official, as provided by …
      Putin giving islam the nod to hunt Christians.
      It was strange that some people held the notion that the *ex* kgb WEF young-leader graduate was ever a *supporter* of the Orthodox Church. Other than for political expediency.
      Didn’t Franco invite a similar assistance from the Maghreb to exercise itself in N Spain, that reportedly scorch-earthed every living organism, vegetation included.
      The Roman Empire used the strategy to invite tribe(s) into other lands to neutralise the residents, and were duly rewarded in gold and territory.
      … The Canadian truckers could speak of their recent experience vis the UN hired help.
      Plus ca change, etc.

      God be with the Ukrainian people. His intervention is sorely overdue in that land.
      May the will of God reduce those weapons to dust.
      May the people hold resolutely to their faith & will in the Almighty, the Son, and may the Holy Spirit be upon them.
      May Our Lady intercede for peace.
      And may their Angels guard their every step.

  2. American trucker convoy passing through Albuquerque New Mexico earlier today on their way to Washington DC.

    Convoy begins about 56 minutes into video.

    I hope they are as effective as the Russian convoy, but I doubt it.

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