Fierce Street Fighting in Kiev

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4 thoughts on “Fierce Street Fighting in Kiev”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    Or is this start of the civil war between Ukrainians, that the CIA and MI6 have been planning for years? (Like in Syria, but with nazis instead of jihadists.) For so far no confirmed reports of Russians troops within Kiev. Russian strategy in Syria was to encircle cities and negotiate demilitarization.

    1. No, there is no Civil War, in the formal sense of it. I think these are advanced forces. But many may be Russian-philes from the Ukraine who left after 2014…

  2. Am constantly amazed with the fact of so many CORRECTLY suspecting the same situations I am. Guess this is a ‘Safe Space’ and those here are faithful to God. Is the Holy Spirit the one EXPOSING the FACTS through so many of God’s people at the same time USING ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS?

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