Putin’s runs cover for WHO’s push for International Pandemic Response Agreement

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7 thoughts on “Putin’s runs cover for WHO’s push for International Pandemic Response Agreement”

  1. ‘International Treaty on Pandemic Procedures’ through WHO? There is clear evidence of the Davos Cabal PLANNING the whole CORRUPT MANIPULATION of the PLANDEMIC including the continuing mismanagement, censoring and erroneous protocol to treat disease RIGHT NOW. The Cabal MOST CERTAINLY is behind this attack of Russia on Ukraine; who is FIGHTING BACK. ‘The People’ of Ukraine remember the SLAVERY of Putin…They are Patriots risking death instead of bowing to this predatory Cabal led by Putin trying to force them into SLAVERY again. These Psychopaths may not have succeeded to murder as many people as projected for their CHAOS, CONFUSION, DESTRUCTION, DEATH manipulation of the world to instill the Nazi Cabal as the new Monarchy with Aristocrats and Church of Evil; however, they have EXPOSED THEMSELVES TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. THE WORLD WITNESSES THE PATRIOT’S REFUSAL TO ACCEPT THE NAZI DREAM OF THE PSYCHOPATHS. The sign in the presentation is a message beyond a message TELLING EVERYONE THE CLINTON “Stronger Together” Campaign Slogan is NOT EVEN HERS…It’s of the Davos Cabal which we all suspected to begin with and just didn’t know what/who they were.
    Two Hundred Fifty years may have passed since ‘The People’ rose-up to eradicate the teeth of the Kings, Queens, Emperors, Khans, Sikhs and Aristocracy around the world…’The People’ WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE SLAVERY OF THESE PREDATORS AGAIN. ‘The People’ have SHOWN the Predators the possibility for PREDATION, THEMSELVES. How many times must ‘The People’ rise-up against these Predators before they get a clue? They didn’t learn from the rag-tag Minutemen of the American Revolution, the Guillotine in France, WW2, Lech Walesa in Poland or Gorbechev in Russia? They learn nothing even from the plane of Ukraine fighting right now to maintain its sovereignty. This time, it’s time to indict ALL THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH THE GLOBALIST CABAL FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Every International Oligarchical Billionaire Corporatist trying to take ‘The People’ down. All those Psychopathic new robber baron ‘College Dropouts’ CHOSEN and EMPOWERED based in lack of God and MORALITY by the old Nazi’s surviving WW2…All the Besos, Zuckers, Zuckerbergs, Clintons, Obamas…ALL THE PREDATORS. Time to try them ‘Live Stream’ for the whole world and allow ‘The People’ to determine their PUNISHMENT for literally conducting Bio Warfare…For two years. The World can CLEAN HOUSE for the first time ever. Then ‘The People’ can sit back and enjoy God and his creation for just a moment…Before yet another and another falls to Satan and the evil begins AGAIN.

  2. Notice the birds near the beginning. From Kabbalah, birds, and/or children, signify change in regimen.
    Ref: Mystic Tales from the Zohar, trans. Aryeh Wineman, p9

  3. The US is quietly rolling out a centralized digital vaccine passport in every state. So far about half have take the WEF free money. Canada is ramming a ” vaccine required for employment” set of measures. In other words, they are using the cover of a war to ram the remaining anti-human globalist agenda. If anyone had doubts about their plans… get ready now. The beast is marching forward to fulfill biblical prophesy.

  4. We have almost 2 years to breathe, it goes into effect in 2024. It will be a game changer for a few reasons. First most of the sheep who got 2,3,4 and possibly 5 shots will be dead. That leaves us, the people who know what is in these injections and we are not compliant. We will also be cornered animals with nothing left to lose! A man with nothing left to lose is a very dangerous opponent, we know we are going out, question is who is coming with us.

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