WEF denounced on floor of German Parliament

Editor’s Note: From the subtitles, it is not clear if this talk was given in the EU general assembly or the German Parliament.

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9 thoughts on “WEF denounced on floor of German Parliament”

  1. Thank-you Br. Bugnolo. Without you; we in the States wouldn’t have clue of what’s going-on in any of the EU Countries.

  2. hi br.

    thankyou for your discernement and perception exhibited in your vlog.

    The fog of war.

    here are some important supporting references to your seemingly correct perceptions/assessment;


    specifically regarding Putin’s relationship with Kissenger and Swab/WEF



    La Quinta Columna have analyzed the SPUTNIK /RUSSIAN vials which DO contain Graphene Nano Tech ; ‘Clearly Artifical and Rectangular Structure/s…..

    The following is a summary of the presentation by Dr. Martín Monteverde and biotechnologists Anabela Femia and Lisandro Laferriere, together with their respective comments and observations regarding their research work……..


    it sadly seems that Putin is perhaps IN with THEM

    with much gratitude & appreciation


  3. Marc Bernhard from the radical right wing “Alternative for Germany” party speaking in the German parliament.

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