2 thoughts on “WEF unveils its Digital Identity Scheme for Eternal Marxist Tyranny”

  1. Humans are to TRUST ‘Data Collection Agents’? Is it possible for humans to be so OUT-OF-TOUCH with reality? EVERYBODY knows this International Group of Goons out of Davos just tried to perform Mass-Murder and did succeed with Mass Psychotic Hypnosis, Mass PARANOIA, Mass Torture, Mass Misery of a whole planet. A lousy report released by this Internationally obscure menagerie of Nut Jobs to address ‘TRUST’ in any capacity is beyond the absolute vastness of Quantum Physics in its wildest possibilities. OMG!
    Furthermore, they are NOT LOGICAL and that’s the worst possible insult for a gaggle of arrogant Idolatrous Nazi Hens believing themselves so intellectually brilliant.

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