Br. Bugnolo establishes Humanitarian Fundraiser for Ukraine

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In war a lot of innocents suffer. And a lot of innocents suffer because there is no one at hand to help them with their necessities. This is especially true when one’s nation is overrun by superior military forces. It is even more true in Winter Time.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is confirming this:

A report on the reality of the human tragedy unfolding:

As president of Ordo Miltiaris Inc., a US Humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting Christians in such circumstances, I have begun a Fundraising effort for the specific goal of providing humanitarian assistance in the Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees in adjacent countries.

To support this effort, click the link  below, and share that page on all social media platforms and channels.

Ordo Militaris Inc. has conducted similar fund raisers since its founding in 2016, and from the map on its home page (here) you can see Red-Pins indicating our past work. Our most recent fundraiser was for the victims of the Beirut Bombing. We have assisted Christians in Mosul, Lebanon, Armenia, Poland, the USA and India.

To coordinate and administer this effort, I will be transferring to Warsaw, Poland, within a week. And for this reason, my ability to report here at FromRome.Info will be limited during and after the transfer. I will be entrusting the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, in Italy, to the care of a devout layman, so it can continues its function as a place of refuge for Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and for canceled priests and seminarians.

Finally, I ask your prayers for myself and the volunteers who are and will be assisting me. May the Immaculate Heart place Her mantel and shield over us all.

If you would like to help me in my personal expenses, I ask you to give rather, here, through this donation button, so that the funds for the Humanitarian Relief can be kept sequestered and dedicated to that alone.

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