BREAKING — Belarus to join Russia in war against Ukraine

This development is surprising, since Belarus does not have significant military forces nor military industry. But Belarus, which is planning a full union with Russia for years, in a revived Soviet State, has to risk this, because a reinvigorated Ukraine and totally isolated Russia would make uncontrolled economic trade by Belarus nearly impossible. Thus this is a situation of desperation, and it means also, that Putin must have asked for it, and that he too knows that he is losing in the Ukraine do to massive popular support of Ukraine and widespread low moral in Russian Federation Armed forces and Ministries.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING — Belarus to join Russia in war against Ukraine”

  1. This is unbelievable. Ukrainians could have negotiated with Russia long ago and for a Goliath like Russia to beg a small nation for more than ‘Staging Grounds’ to invade a neighbor is beyond pathetic. Belarus could have denied anything more than the current cooperation. On top of Lukeshendo ALLOWING Muslim/Insurgent Invasion into Poland and other Eastern European Countries; he’s displaying his animosity and enemy status.

  2. Here the most trustworthy media says that 3 Belarus Special Forces Brigades will join in and attack Ukraine. This is the 5th Spetznaz Special Forces brigade, and other special forces, which are extremely well armed, trained, equiped, and very mobile. They also said Ukraine military command were very concerned about invading forces that bear the mark “V” on their vehicles. Of what I found out, theese forces number 6000 personell, and have only officers. Probably not a group you would like to encounter. But then, no info in a war can be trusted.

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