The Greek Monk who foretold Putin’s war with the West

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8 thoughts on “The Greek Monk who foretold Putin’s war with the West”

  1. I also saw something about a rabbi making the same prediction many decades ago. Supposedly when Russia attacks Turkey then Satan is on his way.

    China is going to happily buy up Russian gold and industrial assets at firesale prices. BP is going to take a 25b charge for their stake in Rosneft. Of course, whose going to buy it… I don’t know. Ruble is going to open 50% (at least) from it’s Friday close. Gold is up $31 in Asia in the open. They knocked it down on Friday by $36 to try and control it. After the media lies, the financial manipulation is the worse I’ve ever seen.

    Only way Russia beats NATO is with nukes. Otherwise, outnumbered and out gunned.

    Either way, this means the ‘net-zero’ trash is done with.

    1. NATO is the USA. The money, material and muscle all came from the USA. Trump established the fact that Europe did nothing for NATO for decades other than leach off it. And what warrior spirit western Europe had–that which manged to survive the aftermath of WW2—manifested as cricket or soccer players, but now this has been wrecked by the vax.

      The US government is now financially bankrupt. And the US military is too woke or too vaxed to do battle. 1) The LGBTQP runs the US military now. Just get a look at General Miley the rodent. 2) All soldiers and marines have been vaxed, which wrecks the circulatory system and rots the brain. As a direct result of the vax, numerous helicopters and planes have been crashing. The US Navy even prosecuted some sailors recently for leaking vido of an F-35 crashing. These crashes are vaxidents. Several military doctors and nurses have come forward about the spiraling health of the ranks. But these whistleblowers are attacked as friends of Putin, then they are sent away to prison.

      1. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness. The kingdom of God is theirs. ” – recalling Jesus’ words for these little ones

  2. Boiled wheat around their waist….Boiled wheat is served at funerals.

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