The War in the Ukraine: Feb. 27, 2022 A. D.

And to show how dire the situation is, and how Br. Bugnolo’s analysis of the threat is so accurate:


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6 thoughts on “The War in the Ukraine: Feb. 27, 2022 A. D.”

  1. Horrible war that is about to get worse.
    Russia is sending in thousands of muslim military chechens now and also nuclear balistic icbm’s.

    God bless

    1. I have heard they are sending unites from Chechnya, but I am not certain if they are Muslims. They are, rather, I believe, crack troops.

  2. Many are fooled by this ‘war’. US and NATO troops were deployed to Eastern EU 2 years ago, during the pandemic lockdown, military equipment were transported by night by train. The war is between NATO and Russia to weaken Russia and take over Europe. Ukraine is just the chess table. Take a map and imagine Russia would weaponize Mexico, Canada, Cuba etc. First COVID was a theme to make us worry, now the war.. And be ready for some other…

  3. Yes, that could be true. However, I watched a video with some of those fighters and they were chanting a prayer to their muslim god, standing together in a big mass.
    If all or some are muslim is hard to tell of course.
    Thanks for responding.

    God bless

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