3 thoughts on “USA: The CDC is hiding the truth!”

  1. Brother, thank you for everything.

    An unvaccinated dentist-doctor in Japan noticed an anomaly in the measuring equipment installed in his clinic.


    The vaccinators are emitting abnormal amounts of formaldehyde and organic solvents = TVOC, the cause of sick house syndrome.

    The doctor was examining a patient (who had already been vaccinated) and felt so ill that his body was shaking.
    A magnet started gluing itself to the doctor’s forehead and throat.
    Mental health also became very bad.

    The doctor was taught the detox method (NAC) by another doctor he knew, and his symptoms lessened.

    Doctor likes gym and sauna. He told us that when he took his measuring device there, the meter swung off and he got scared and ran away.

    He has improved his symptoms by making sure that all staff members wear KN95 masks when examining inoculated patients.

    The doctor’s daughters are in the 3rd grade of middle school and 5th grade of elementary school and have not been vaccinated.
    The school staff had been vaccinated, and the children suffered from unusual rashes, itching, and fatigue. However, they have improved since they started wearing NK95.

    I believe there was such a statement in the Bible that man produces a deadly poison from his mouth.

    I cannot enter the monastery in Akita, but sometimes I drive to the entrance and pray for the protection of the Brother and the readers.

    1. I thank God I was able to visit the Monastery for about an hour in 2019 when I came to Japan. Let us pray to Her that nuclear war might be adverted.

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