WHO moves International Treaty to assume World Governance in future Pandemics

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8 thoughts on “WHO moves International Treaty to assume World Governance in future Pandemics”

  1. the who is not in the position to do so, and any treaty signed by a wef-gov’t is NOT signed for by the citizens: they are no property of the who, they have NO treaty with the who.
    Besides: anything signed by a criminal gov’t MUST be in accordance with EU-legislation and/or International Treaties:
    if this is not the case: it is ILLEGAL!

  2. Many years ago, high-ranking cabalist and (still) behind-the-scenes evil operative, Dr. Henry Killinger gave us insight into the essence of our Satanic world controllers/leaders when he said:
    “…The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

    We need to realize that whether the WHO (or any part of the “system’s” official structures) IMPOSES something illegal or immoral is actually NOT important at all to the powers that be — and never has been. Everything has just been used or tolerated as part of their long-term plan to get us where we are now. If the evil controllers allowed anything “legal” or even “good,” it was merely a calculated “allowance” as part of an extended and elaborate plan, moving inexorably toward their endgame.

    Of course, Our Lady came to Fatima to THWART all of this. But since Our Lady has been SUPPRESSED by a freemasonically occupied Church, the Satanic agenda has thrived. And the ever-growing UN — that evil, globalist MONSTER that has pushed the culture of death and the Orwellian agenda everywhere — plays a very big part in the coming totalitarian world technocratic dictatorship of TOTAL CONTROL.

    And now we have entered a new phase of global deconstruction in this Orwellian endgame. So, unless we are pathetic sheeple, we should have now CLEARLY seen during the COVID plandemic that ANY or ALL alleged “laws” or “constitutions” or “morality” or individual “freedom” or individual “rights” or religious liberty ARE ALL BLATANTLY DISPOSABLE. We have entered the world of increasing totalitarianism — all incrementally escalating with calculated precision for more than the last 100 years or so.

    The only significant “pushback” we have is above all to PRAY, stay with/follow the TRUE POPE Benedict, LIVE the message of Fatima, and be apostles spreading the truth about all of this in our age of universal darkness and deception. “ONLY SHE (Our Lady) CAN SAVE YOU” (words of Our Lady of Fatima).

    ALL BETS ARE OFF for the level of totalitarian despotism and annihilation that is unfolding before our eyes, being imposed by the powers that be, in service to the “prince of this world.” SALVA NOS, O MARIA!

  3. Brother Bugnolo, what is the purpose of so much fake in this war in Ukraine? Some of the videos shown in the media seem staged (plastic assault rifles, fights so inefficient that it looks like they are not even trying to fight, pointless missiles on civilians) and the big red flag is why o why they didn’t take down the communication systems, If they were going to attack civilians? Looking forward for your knowledge in this questions. Thank you.

    1. A lot of media and social media accounts cannot find real photos and so stage them for the sake of getting attention.

  4. While people are cheering the West’s move regarding SWIFT, I hope everyone remembers this move when the next pandemic hits,… or the next thing you’d like to protest happens,… or the next school board meeting you attend and say something “unapproved”…..

    All the globalists is getting great applause right now from the Right for all the things they got resistance for during the pandemic. Same players, same lies, just a different set in this theatre… imho

  5. I hope the bio- labs have been destroyed safely
    And the nuclear plant does not become the next
    Chernobyl horror…
    God bless…

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