35 thoughts on “91% of Ukrainians support the War in defense of their Christian Homeland”

  1. You need to see the woman ukrainian member of Parliament saying at Fox News: “we fight for Ukraine, we fight for the New World Order”. People in Ukraine doesn’t know about, neither of their laboratories which are property of USA, for the production of biological war. Their politicians fail to the people of Ukraine. I’m not saying I’m ok with wars, neither I’m pro-Russia, nor pro-Putin. Just pointing to the facts.

      1. “if Putin invaded” the USA? But the USA DID invade Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc etc, where was your cries of peace?

      2. I would be the first to tell you that the US Govt does not represent its people, especially its Christian people. And if you knew me you would not ask that question.

  2. Current Ukrainians establishment, especially military establishment refer to chauvinistic ideology of Ukrainian nationalism from WW2, stepan bandera was one of their leaders who committed lot of atrocities during that time. Please read about volhynian massacre. As a Pole who remember that I will never support them unless they stop reffering to UPA ideology and imo one of the goal of this hybrid war is to make Poland multicultural country again. on top of that zelensky is a j.e.w and most of the oligarchy over there has the same background and his native language is russian so imo he is a russians puppet. also, please read about Servant of the People ukrainian tv show. he is playing main role there where as a school teacher who is fighting the corruption become a president of the state. Done by russian money. because of a popularity of that show he was ellected as a president in real life.

      1. Please do not understand me incorrectly, every war should be condemned and I do not even try to justify that aggresion. All I wanted is to give diffrent perspective for what ukraine is, not everthing is black and white. of course all those people who need help, should be helped. We should pray for ending the war ASAP. but Please just remember that there is 5th Ukrainian column in Poland since ww2 which hate us. Broad topic. There are many examples that there are neonazis in Ukraine army now. They openly refer SS Galizien ( picture from 2017. https://i2.wp.com/narodowikonserwatysci.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/03-Marsz-ukrainskich-nazist%C3%B3w.jpg) . Rich mens war, poor mens blood.

      2. TWO, not one regime changes – of democratically established goverments (orange revolution and Maidan) in Ukraine orchestrated by american money (5billion dollars since the 90ties “to support democracy”) does not make the current regime a “democracy” by a long shot.

        There was absolutely no peace negotiations now – just political posturing with completely unacceptable demand of immediate unconditional withdrawal. That is why more people will die. Absolutely irresponsible in a situation that has been militarily already decided. The comedian plays his part of a fool…trying to preserve his political skin, popular hero status, at dire cost in blood.

        Despite false news the whole territory is completely dominated by russian airforce. All ukrainian airstrips were destroyed/cut to 1600m lenth (not allowing aircraft with weapons to take off). Ukrainian airdefence taken out. Independently confirmed both from China and Amerika – Psaki refused Zelinskis request for US to declare no-flight zone over Ukraine with words that US will not engage Russia. There is no way of re-gaining airspace by the Ukraine even if immediatelly all available MIG 29 were tranferred, including support personel, from countries that have them. Too late and not enough. The command centers taken out.

        Once the airspace has been fully controlled the war is over. All ukrainian planes were destroyed on the ground – they were not sent on suicidal missions and the lives of pilots were preserved (same as with Iraq invasion). Sanity on part of the ukrainian air command. Any ukrainian military unit trying to move is easy target for destruction. They are now pinned down in isolated pockets waiting for being taken out one by one. That is reality. You do not make demands in such a situation. You sue for peace and DO NOT ESCALATE. This escalation -attempt to bring regime collapse through economy – is exactly (and you fr. Bugnolo are part of this) what will shortly bring about the invasion of Europe by Russia.

        If the situation was different there would have been plenty photographic evidence on the war propaganda media.

        You can start resistance decade long like in Afganistan – at extreme cost and suffering.

        Nothing like that was necessary. Just keep Ukraine neutral, stop continuous bombing of Donetsk and Lugansk, stop the hate, Stop seeking nuclear armament. Just acknowlege the right of existence for Russia – including corresponding legitimate strategic interests. That could have been all. It is too late now.

        JUST LISTEN WHAT PUTIN ASKS instead of repeated humiliation of the guy. It is not true that “the whole world stands behind Ukraine.” Half of the world is eager to see the West humiliated. After continuous American wars and regime changes.

        Now the hate will escalate – exactly the same hysteria stoked by the same media as was covid scam – and soon the living will envy the dead. Not because of evil Russians. Because of SIN. God is only making use of them to punish humanity. You have very much similar situation as before babylonian capture. It is late to pray for peace. The only what is left is REPENTANCE and asking God to save souls.
        Some nations will be anihilated. In one moment millions of lives will be taken.

        You will of course censor this. I know already. I do not trust your reporting any longer. I am not a friend of Putin. Unfortunately your preconceptions blind you.

      3. And I think you either have no understanding of moral principles or do not care in the least for the observance of international law. That makes you complicit in grave moral crimes yourself, and that is why I normally band comments like yours, which are ridiculous effusions of irrational ideologically based emoting.

    1. Yes, there is a lot of historical hatred between Ukraine and Poland, but if Ukraine falls, Poland will be next.

  3. Hi Br, What do you think of the following video: https://youtu.be/1vdiEABLFoo (foul language warning)

    I think the person speaking hits the nail. He explains why they haven’t taken down the communication systems, and why the fighting sometimes looks staged. His explanation makes a lot of sense to me. He is not pro anything he just gives his opinion from a person living in Ukraine. I recommend it to watch.

  4. Please don’t believe every piece of war propaganda.
    Lots of ukrainians acclaim the Russian army saving them from Kiev corruption.

  5. this ‘war’ kicks off just as covid ends…….globalists support ukraine………. even george soros has come out in support of ukraine………. uk msm inviting people to go over to fight for ukraine……..and putin doing this , WHEN he did , is everything the central banks could have dreamed of ………great reset cannot happen until the global population have digital ID’s to hold their upcoming digital , global currency…….. they wont achieve this for another few years ……….. until then this is all we will have……. people dying from death vax shots, people dying from fake wars……..and the majority as dumb as a box of rocks to whats even happening.

    1. Who started the war is immaterial. Innocents are suffering and need protection from criminals. These moral principles are valid everywhere anytime, regardless of politics and race.

      1. ‘Innocents are suffering and need protection from criminals.’ – true – and we have just seen billions of people being fooled into taking a lethal injection – the people behind the central banks are the same people behind all the wars , all the plandemic and this latest ‘war’ in ukraine……….. do you think they care one bit about killing innocent people ? – how can anyone protect ukrainians ? – take a side ? – you cant – they are both fake……… they are coming for us all……… dont take any side on display , take your own side, protect you and yours, make your own allies and have a plan in place

      2. Well if you are right, then the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ means nothing, when He told us that the Samaritan who helped the Jew beaten by robbers, did a thing pleasing in the sight of God.

      3. I agree, your view is balanced. Nevertheless, the Ukrainians have the right to self governance, even if they do it badly.

  6. The fact that ssschwab condemned Putins action, automatically proves that Putin is doing the right thing: dismantling bio.terrorlabs and exposing in the Czernobyl area the underground facilities for child-abuse, including collecting
    adrenochrome and more unfresh activities.

    Previously, lawyer Lin Wood and others have exposed the International pedo-mafia who de facto is ruling the world.

    Other matter: today, no articles were placed on your site so far by your friend. And please let all of us know if you are allright!

    1. Trump was immediate condemned for nearly everything, but he deathvaxxed the USA nevertheless. I think your simply analysis of how globalists act, does not square with the events. Schwab must attack Putin, because they want Putin to appear just and want to hide the fact that they promised Putin the Ukraine.

      1. Ukraine was promised, and the Obama administration gave Putin his excuse to take it. America wasn’t trying to expand its sphere of influence into Putin’s backyard, they knew he’d respond. That was the entire point. Does anyone really think America was gutting its military and turning it into a woke social experiment in preparation for the inevitable war with Russia to defend its newly installed puppet regime in Ukraine? American elites and their kids got eight years to plunder the country before Putin took it. That was the deal we bought with our color revolution. We never had any intention of keeping it.

        Putin pushed the COVID fraud right along with the rest of Klaus’ demonic minions. People need to remember that. In spite of his carefully crafted Christian image, which I suspect is meant to appeal to the American right and further divide the country, Vlad in on the plan. He may even be one of its architects.

        There are no good guys here. The errors of Russia have swallowed the United States and the west whole. Prayers for the innocent Ukrainians caught up in this… and everyone else who will ultimately be affected (which is all of us).

  7. And for once Br. Don’t censor an opinion which you don’t like, but is true nevertheless.

    1. What is your argument, that there are atheists in the Ukraine and therefore Putin has the right to annex it? You see, I respect rational arguments, but not absurdities even when they come from someone accusing me of being a censor, because in charity I think it is more honorable to hide from the public that some persons are idiots than publish their idiocy to the world, and besides, comments here are a favor to my readers, I am not obliged to publish any one of them.

  8. 100 years ago, the bolsheviks in Ucraine, declared the Soviet Republic of Ucraine and at the end of that year, the Soviet Union was declared.
    Putin has chosen exactly this year to finish that atheist enterprise. The Virgin Mary propfecied in Fatima that communism would endure 100 years. Well, Putin is doing the Virgin’s job. Next is the concentration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary, as it was foretold.
    Sic transit bolscevica gloria!

  9. Two mistakes:Prophecied instead of propfecied and consecration instead of concentration!

  10. Why lots of ukrainian people fear their very “soldiers” except for the most brainwashed?
    Do you know that ukrainian soldiers themselves shot at a residential building with a BUK anti-air missile?
    Do you know that ukrainian people are being kept hostage or killed by their same “army”?
    Do you know that ukrainian battalions have various nazi simbols and traditions?
    Do you know that ukrainian soldiers have shot and bombed their fellow citizens since Spring 2014, even with banned ammunitions?
    Can you guess who shot down an airliner on July 2014 over Ukraine? Or another airliner in 2001 (Siberia Airlines Flight 181)?

    1. Thank you for your comment from a Russian server. If we use the same Logic, Putin is one of the greatest war criminals in modern history and should be arrested on the spot by the UN for his crimes against the Ukraine, Georgia, the Chechnya etc. etc..

  11. Thank you Br. I’m indirectly fraternally corrected by your responses to other peoples’ posts, since sometimes I lost hope and feel angry against my jailers and fell into despair, and I start wishing things that are sinful, similar to those suggested in the posts.

  12. 1. Which political polling organisations should one trust?

    2. How would one evaluate which ones to trust in an unfamiliar location?

    3. Interesting exchange between a woman recently returned from Kiev after the invasion on (I believe) French TV:
    This is a thread with three video segments from the interview.
    As an Anglophone, I just read the English subtitles, so depend on those being an accurate reflection of what the lady said. They certainly appear to be consistent with body language.

  13. Br. Bugnolo, You’ve been gone for three days now. Am praying for you and know God holds you in the palm of his hand. It’s certain you’re a very busy person. Still, anticipate your next Post so the certainty of knowing you’re alright is set. Been reading this string and genuinely appreciate your assessment of the whole situation. Also, am extremely blessed to know warriors like you exist to educate the masses. When disagreement happens; at least someone is there to provide some inspiration to grow further for many. “May God Bless and Keep You and Make His Face To Shine Upon You…” May ‘Our Lady’ keep the innocent in her Immaculate Heart and St. Francis to keep the homeless and terrified pets. May St. Michael be beside ever just warrior and may this abomination end soon.
    I’m such a sinner…To wish this evil Cabal with their CCP chums harm.

    1. I have been incommunicado during my trip for want of cellphone access outside of Italy on my Italian SIM card, but I can say that I expect to be in Warsaw by evening. Tomorrow I will tey to give a summary of the situation.

  14. We could use a summary brother because nothing seen in western media can be trusted, from actor prime minister to video game “ear footage” this whole situation appears to be yet another giant fakery.

    1. Well fake in what sense. The Ukrainians I met today, are real, their tears are real, and their axiety is real. They show me images of the cities now. occupied

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