Analysis of Possible Outcomes of Ukraine-Russia Peace Talks

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is in the terms of treaties that one can perceive the balance of power, and negotiations to arrive at ceasefires or armistices are key to the historical outcomes of conflicts.

For this reason, I will venture to speculate about the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia which are about to begin in Belarus (pronounced, Bella Ruse).

First, the situation on the ground will be the dominant factor in the minds of each party. In addition, prospectives about future gains and losses will greatly influence how each site proposes its position.

Russia appears to be within days of capturing the Eastern Bank of the Dniepr river, which divides the Ukraine approximately in half, East to West.

Russia’s position can be

  1. Complete annexation of the Ukraine.
  2. Annexation of large parts of the Ukraine and Separatist Republics
  3. Annexation of currently held positions with Separatist Republics
  4. Cease fire.

I think that Putin will open negotiations by pleading that #1 is the inevitable outcome and that the government of the Ukraine can avoid a lot of human suffering by accepting it immediately. I think the Ukrainians will refuse, unless of course the WEF has told them to do otherwise.

I think the war is not going as the WEF planned. The Ukrainian response has been stronger than expected. I still do not think the aide being sent by many nations is mlitarially significant, and it seems that only 12 men so far have responded to the call to form a Foreign Legion.

Likewise, Russia is having supply line and morale issues. Belarus would not be joining the war, if it were otherwise. And this disproves all those who drank the pro-Putin kool-aid these last 8 years, who think the Ukrainian people are just jumping with joy and kissing their Russian invaders as they enter their towns.

If Putin has significant issues with his military forces, that he wants to address, then he will accept something other than #2, to give him time to achieve #1 at a future date.

So, I expect that he will offer #2 as a second option, and I expect that the Ukrainian government will also strongly object, but perhaps not so forcefully as they did to #1, to indicate future negotiations as possible, later on during the talks or at another date and time.

So, then I expect Putin’s delegation to offer #3, which the Ukrainian government would object to, but which they should consider more carefully. Following such an agreement, the Ukraine could beef up its military and rally world support. And this would give them time to do so, without significant loss of populated regions. Ukraine is in a weak position at the negotiation table and this would be in practice the less worse option.

If Putin’s military problems are big, then he will instruct his delegation to suggest simply an armistice or cease fire, most likely the latter.

If he does, the Ukrainians better accept this, even though it can be broken at any time, and will only give Russia the advantage, since Russia can reorganize and resupply its military units faster and more robustly than the Ukraine during a limited cease fire of days or weeks.

UPDATES on the negotiations as they come across the wires:

I will be featuring more reports on the War in the Ukraine and the refugee crisis in coming weeks, while not neglecting those on the Great Reset.

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17 thoughts on “Analysis of Possible Outcomes of Ukraine-Russia Peace Talks”

    1. Do you expect them to say, Yeah, Putin is a young global leader, promoted to power by Schwab…?


        Russia paid off its debt to the Rothschilds and Putin threw them out, forbidding them to set foot in his immense and very rich country. This is why we are on the brink of World War III. The Rothschilds, at the top of the Illuminati pyramid, have been wanting for centuries to establish the New World Order ruled by them, of course. Putin, who in the past was perhaps part of the same diabolical system, is no longer in agreement with the need to lose the sovereignty, the millenary traditions, the cultural and religious identity of his own country, which Jewish Freemasonry (fiercely anti-Christian) governed by the Rothschils, wants to cut down at all costs and make all the peoples of the earth a huge flock of sheep to be exploited and slaughtered. The Westerners, corrupted by Jewish money, have lost all sense of God and do not understand that Putin’s behavior, after 70 years of ferocious Jewish Communism (also by the Rothschilds), which tried, unsuccessfully to annihilate the Russian Christian civilization, is founded on his and his people’s newfound Orthodox faith. And that is why, in one of his recent speeches, he vehemently said that if a nuclear war breaks out (since he warned that Russia considers any attack from the outside as a nuclear threat), the Russians will die like martyrs while Westerners will not even have time to repent. Did the West understand this speech? No. For this, they will get what they deserve: God, who has had enough of His stubborn enemies and offenders, will use Putin to do a general cleanup similar to that of the Flood, with the difference that in the time of Noah the water has probably drowned a few millions, while with nuclear fire the victims will be hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, who, according with Revelation 16:8, will die cursing God and falling for this, directly in eternal despair and horror of Hell.

        President Putin and Patriarch Cyril visit the Orthodox Military Cathedral

        Putin has Banned Rothschild and His New World Order Banking Cartel Family from Entering Russian Territory

      2. Putin genocided Russia with the Sputnick DeathVaxx. So I think that fact utterly guts your argument of any credibility.

  1. 12 men can do great things, so do not be disheartened. God be with them and you and once they begin their task in Ukraine and we get word out for Ordo Militaris Catholicus, as the movie Field Of Dreams said, “if you build it, they will come.” I think it is blessing in such evil for the Order.

  2. WHO in a right mind would EVER suggest Schwab’s WEF would EVER practice transparency and admit Putin has their total APPROVAL…Let alone Xi’s? They are in this to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. There has been some miscalculation all the way around. The WORLD is NOT going to sit back and allow these Psychopaths free rein.

    1. The video you referenced is SPOT ON.
      I would, however; like to be spoonfed the WEF betrayal that Putin has engaged in…that would be delicious. Any links to such would be greatly appreciated.


  3. I commend what you are doing Brother Alexis – in every conflict regardless of the circumstances there are always innocent victims – I cannot though for one minute believe this conflict is not a conspired attack of the globalists – Ukraine being part of it – as many of you may already know there is a deep underlying ‘twisted national pride’ in Ukraine – if you are not aware of the history of Stephen Bandera – of whom there is a statue representing him as a national hero (which btw would be equivalent to having a statue of hitler in a city square in Germany as a national hero) then May I suggest that everyone here read up z as put it – I’m not a troll – I’m not downplaying innocent victims – but let’s call a spade a spade
    I do know first hand from my own grandparents – my grandfather who fought in the AKA polish division against the UPA Banderites who committed horrific acts of genocide against poles and Jews – neighbors who had lived together for decades were murdering their polish brethren- all blessed by the orthodox priests – look up Bloody Sunday – a rough estimate of 250 000 poles wiped out in the most atrocious ways you can imagine ….my own grandmother was a survivor who had witnessed with her own eyes these atrocities- not many people from these villages were lucky enough to survive – the goal was to wipe out every pole and anything associated with them
    The group is still strong and proud not only in Ukraine but throughly the world
    I ask – would anyone not decry a parade where hitlers picture was solemnly carried as a hero ?
    in Canada our finance minister was pictured Ali g with Ukrainian Canadians dawning a flag of the extremist bandera movement- someone having noticed brought it to attention and the pictures were mysteriously removed from the social forums-
    This attack I truly believe is a calculated att as close with all the globalists in on it – as a means of distraction and destruction to carry out their next phase
    God bless Brother Alexis for his humanitarian effort to help those who have to be caught in the crossfire of this evil agenda

    1. If we hold the principle that all nations must be condemned and deserve to be wiped off the face of the map, because some members of those nations in the past or present are criminals, then we would become Satanic haters of mankind who want to genocide humanity, which is the exact mentality of the Globalist Elite, though for different reasons. For that reason, you argument, though having many valid points, does not conclude to anything, other than no entire people is immaculate. However, all innocents do deserve protection, and we cannot condemn anyone on the basis of the sins of others.

  4. If I may add:
    I’m not attacking the Ukrainian people – I do not believe their president is as much of a crook as Putin
    The worst thing is that in every conflict – the ‘leaders’ are the ones sitting around drinks negotiating- whilst innocent people – including their own are the victims – all at their expense

  5. Br. Bugnolo-

    What do you think are Putin’s true motives in this? Is he working for the WEF and the NWO to establish a one world government, or is he trying to re-establish the USSR? It’s my understanding that the globalists wish to abolish individual national boundaries and governments.

    1. He has been promised by the WEF to restablish the USSR. After taking Ukraine, will merge it and belarus into revived Soviet State.

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