Br. Bugnolo on his way to Warsaw, Poland — Seeks lodging with friends

by Br Alexis Bugnolo

As I drive from Rome, Italy to Warsaw, Poland, I am asking if any of my readers can offer me a meal or a bed to sleep the night, in any of the following countries:

Slovenia: Afternoon/Night of March 1st

Hungary: Lunch of March 2nd

Slovakia: Night of March 2nd

Warsaw:: Lunch of March 3rd

If you can help me, leave a comment below with your Street Address and phone number and email address. I will not publish your comments, but use them to contact you.

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34 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo on his way to Warsaw, Poland — Seeks lodging with friends”

  1. Brother peace be with you. How can I donate to you. I’m from Australia and I’d love to support you as I believe you deserve it, I always look forward to your videos/blogs and have learnt a lot from you. Laudetur Iesus Christus!

    1. See my top post about the appeal for the Ukraine and either donate to that or find on that page the button to support me directly.

  2. Thank you Br. Alexis Bugnolo for your work and dedication. I follow you at fromRome. info. Viva Pope Benedict XVI our true Pope. Sent you a small donation through Paypal… from the Maltese Islands 🇲🇹

  3. I hope you drop in on Bishop Lenga and get ordained priest and bishop, and then start a seminary faithful to Pope Benedict!!!

  4. Praying for a safe journey to Warszawa! May God bless and protect you, Brother Bugnolo.
    God speed

  5. if you still looking for a night to stay in Warsaw Br. Bugnolo I can pay for the hotel for you. Just let me know.

    1. Thanks. If you make a paypal donation to my personal needs, I can draw on that at any hotel. As I come from Budapest I may have to stay at a hotel in Cracow.

  6. God Bless you Br Bugnolo and may He keep you healthy and safe at all times. I’m in Australia but my father was Polish from Malacentow. I am unaware of where any family is in Poland as I have never met them and am unable to speak Polish so had never been able to converse and keep in touch. Are you able to reach out to Catholic Parish priests in these areas to ask their congregation if any are able to accommodate you as I’m certain there would be many more than welcoming? Due to a few chronic, painful 24/7medical conditions, I am unable to work and bedridden most of the time but I will again donate what I can direct to you to help you with meals or accommodation if it comes to that. Peace and God’s love and protection be with you always, especially in these perilous times. I will pray for you.

  7. Today I asked that around you and your car will be an impenetrable wall of GOLDEN LIGHT. Now and always.

    1. I am hitchkiking, and hope to arrive at Częstochowa to take counsel with our Queen and Mother. I had hope to go through Bratislava, but She sent me those who diverted me toward Her throne.

      1. It is the BEST detour! Polish people lay everything at the foot of Black Madonna. God bless you.

  8. Brother Bugnolo, you are behaving like a covert intelligence operative looking for contacts.
    A modest lunch (you don’t want more per indigence vows) in Budapest or Warsaw is 10 EUR. A hostel – maybe 15-20 EUR.
    Also, as a religious person you surely can stay in monasteries for free. I am a non-consecrated person and did sleep in such places for free during few of my travels.

    1. Actually I am behaving like a Franciscan who begs everything and does not want to mix himself up with local politics. Covert agents do not ask publicly for help, BTW.

      1. Franciscan monasteries are a good place to stay.

        I am not sure whether you should beg when you already have some money, because it would contradict the poverty vow.
        The poverty vow makes you everyday dependent on the grace of God , which means you must be poor at any moment.
        I presume you already have 100 EUR which I presume modest lodgings & food should cost you during this short trip (basing on your itinerary), because you have already taken the decision to take this trip, not waiting for the outcome of your call.

      2. I am not making a short trip, I pkand to be in Poland and neigbiring countriesbsime time and I cwrtainly want to bevfrugal since thete will be future exoenses

  9. Br Bugnolo. You are the bravest person I ve ever had the priviledge to meet even if only on emails. You are the Crusading knight you admire so much. You are living the Franciscan and Christian vocation in its fullest in total faithfulness to your vows. You are a friend to the poor becoming poor to be like Jesus. All of your readers realize this and love you for it. Please God you become our next real Holy Father.

  10. Question:
    dear Frà Bugnolo: this is confusing.
    You wrote before: I drive ….. and now I read that you are hitchhiking.
    BTW: could that be somewhat dangerous?
    Also because a number of drivers are vaccinated.

    1. I was going to drive but in Italy the want 5000 € to rent a car one way to poland.

  11. Putin took out a number of US-bioterrorlabs and had his troops enter underground complexes where children were abused for adrenochome purposes, for their organs and other not so fresh

    So now it is clear why pedo-criminal sschwab is not so amused…….

    This was found today on the site

  12. Addition to previous comment from here: Putin does NOT want Ukrainian civilians to get killed.

    And: in this house hangs a beautiful cast-iron image of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa.

    It would be nice to have a few more of those.
    Long time ago a a couple who went to Poland once in a while
    brought this with them.

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