John Henry Weston admits that Benedict XVI may still be the true Pope

Editor’s Note: I never thought I would see the day. I had come to doubt that Weston had this much integrity. If I had a bottle of spumanti, I would be toasting him right now. This will open the flood gates of truth among many Catholics in the English speaking world.

Weston makes his remarks regarding the video with Fr. Kramer and Fr. Gruner published the other day, again, here at FromRome.Info, which Ann Barnhardt brought everyone’s attention back to, a few days ago.

ITALY: Google coverups Antipope by calling all dead popes, ex-Popes

 Editor’s Note: Now that it is increasingly clear that Benedict XVI is the Pope because there is no such thing as a Pope Emeritus — as Cionci has eminently proven with dozens of articles in Italian newspapers — Google in Italy appears to have been asked by the Vatican to cover it up by renaming all dead popes, “Ex Popes”, to make them appear to be Popes emeriti, like Pope Benedict.

Cionci’s tweet says in Italian:

L’ultima ridicolaggine: per mascherare il goffo tentativo di far passare BXVI (unico vero papa) come “ex papa”, adesso sono tutti ex papi quelli semplicemente morti. Quos Deus perdere vult, dementat prius.  

Which in English means: The latest madness: to mask the sloppy attempt to pass off Pope Benedict XVI ( the one true pope) as an “ex pope”, all the dead popes have now been named “ex pope”. Those whom God wills to destroy, He first drives mad.
Explanation:  All deal popes have always been called, “Pope”. This presents a problem for Bergoglians. Because then Benedict has to be called “Pope” not “Pope meritus”. So instead of addressing the canonical problems head one, they do a 1984 and change reality by erasing the previous title and replacing it with “ex Pope”.  It seems there is a big brother watching you, and his name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio!

The Massacre of Ilovaisk, when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014

Some people seem to think that the Ukraine invaded Russia in 2014. This article is recommended reading for all who would ask for the facts.

For history sake, this was the fate of the commanders of the Russian unit which committed the atrocity of that day:

Glazov interview Fr. Kramer on the Faux Consecration of Russia

Fr. Kramer holds the opinion that Pope Benedict XVI intended an expanded ministry, which is not established by anything Benedict XVI has said, but is the interpretation of Ganswein, which he later withdrew. — This interview is primarily about what is i the Third Secret of Fatima.

Father’s opinions about Putin are based on not knowing that the WEF put Putin in power or that Putin is a young global leader chosen by Klaus Schwab. He is also not informed about the principles of just war, for he argues that since territory was owned by the Tsar, then Putin, whose political team (Soviets) murdered the Tsar, has the right to the Tsar’s lands, which is most certainly false, since murderers have no legal right to the property of those whom they murder. etc. For the most part, Father Kramer simply regurgitates Russian talking points, all of which upon investigation can be demonstrated to be false. For example, he cites votes which were never monitored by impartial observers, and ignores those which were, all of which voted to stay with Ukraine.