13 thoughts on “Why is Br. Bugnolo in Poland?”

  1. Br.Bugnolo is in Poland to meet….. Mr.Zelenskij, the president of U-crane.
    There are reports from russian media that Zelenskij is now in Poland.

  2. It’s better to be away from the fascist prison camp that Italy has become. & Even though I regard Zelenskij as a tool of Schwab’s billionaire cult, Ukrainians need to unite against outside control.

    1. I am inclined to agree with you on that Wayne. This war is as much about the Davos Crowd agenda as it is Russia’s historical security needs.

      That Putin eventually went to military force doesn’t really surprise me. There are simply things that no Russian government will do whether it be the Romanov Dynasty, Soviet Union or Russian Federation. First they will never give up a warm water port. Second, they will not allow a military threat near their borders. It doesn’t matter who is running the Kremlin, the Russian government will not allow NATO to park missiles off their border. I think that Martin Armstrong has a good handle on the historical imperatives of Russia which will apply to anybody running the Kremlin.


      Now I have a tough time believing anything the western press says these days because, particularly in the US, lie about everything. I don’t necessarily believe what Russia says either but the bioweapon labs are believable given the gain of function experiments the NIH funded in Wuhan which is bioweapon research. The US is press is finally admitting that Senator Rand Paul is right about this.


      I am inclined to think that Tom Luongo has a good bead on why this is happening. Frankly, those of us on his Slack server have been expecting something like this since Putin and Lavrov dropped the language, “Our partners in West” from their diplomatic communications, from then on it was pretty clear that the Kremlin had concluded that negotiation was no longer an option.


      Understand me clearly, from the east or west, everybody is dirty in Ukraine.

  3. Dear Brother Alexis Bugnolo,

    Are religious brothers (the followers of the rule of St. Francis of Assisi) called by God to be soldiers fighting over the cares of this world or rather are they sacred soldiers and warriors fighting in the spiritual combat & conquest of self? Why did St. Francis (after serving on the field of battle, his capture and his release from imprisonment) not return to the life of a soldier on the secular battlefield? Why did St. Francis instead choose to engage in the spiritual combat where with God’s grace he vanquished himself?

    Sincerely yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

    1. You are very confused. St. Francis lead a column men in battle before he became a friar, but after he went on the 5th crusade and urged the troops both to fight when victory could be had, and not to fight when victory could not be had. He took a priest with him so that the men would have the sacraments. He was not a pacifist and would curse those who were, as heretics.

      1. I never said otherwise… and I agree with you I am very confused.
        Please help a poor ignorant man like me to comprehend your meaning.
        Did Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone believe victory could be had before he was captured and imprisoned?
        And finally, are religious brothers who follow the rule of St. Francis of Assisi called by God to be soldiers who fight over the cares of this world?

        Many thanks for your patience with me and for your time.

      2. The Pope called the 5th Crusade, and St. Francis went. The Order of Friars Minor has promoted every Crusade which was called by the Pope. They served not as soldiers but as Chaplains and Military Advisers (Mark of Aviano). Many went into battle with a cross, and I think one or two struck down some Turks with their crosses, when they had to thwart a mortal blow upon themselves.

        But I think your question presupposes the error of the Masonic Lodge which has been widely spread, namely, that religion must stay out of politics and war, and no appeal to moral principles can be inserted into such affairs. That is why, what I am doing in Poland, shocks so many poorly formed Catholics.

  4. As to my question being influenced by the error of the Masonic Lodge… Not so. This writer rejects entirely any such compartmentalization of religion. Yes, our Roman Catholic Faith must permeate into every fiber of our being and by extension into all activity, behavior and into every field of human life.

    Indeed, “I do believe one should fight for what one believes, provided one is absolutely certain – one is absolutely right.”

    Dear brother, no validly elected, legitimate successor of St. Peter has called for a Crusade… are you absolutely certain and absolutely right about what is really happening in the Ukraine and the world at large? Because I am not, but the one thing I am certain of is the existence of sinister agents (servants of the prince of this world both on East & West) who are using this event to achieve a whole array of globalist objectives. First and foremost, the annihilation of Western Civilization and the Christian Remnant.
    Many of us are concerned about participating in what appears to be an orchestrated event whereby we become their “pawns in the game”.

    May God bless you and Our Lady protect you always,
    Sincerely and respectfully,

    1. There were 9 Crusades called by validly elected Roman Pontiffs! Please open a history book before denying reality.

      1. Yes, Brother, I failed to properly convey my thoughts as the sentence neglected to mention one important factor.
        The sentence should have read: “Dear brother, no validly elected, legitimate successor of St. Peter has called for a Crusade in this case (to fight against Russia, presently conducting an immoral war of aggression in the Ukraine in AD 2022).”

        Many thanks for taking up so much of your time and may God bless you!

      2. Crusades can also be called by bishops an patriarchs, since it is an act of jurisdiction regarding the apostolic office. The Orthodox do not call crusades, because they believe the State is superior to the Church, however.

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