14 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops in Ukraine ask that Russia be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart”

    1. You can Bet on it…Bergoglio refused Putins request previously
      Our TLM Hermit priest in residing in Duleek Co Meath Ireland Fr David Jones has a great sermon he gave up on utube last Sunday on the subject You couldn’t hear a pin drop in the Church when he gave it l
      He posts all Sunday sermons up on utube..Fr David is Welsh and a fantastic Hermit Orator and confessor

  1. Misplaced request: will Pope Benedict yet step up to the plate?

    With God’s grace anything is possible; we pray….

  2. Bergoglio and Putin are both acolytes of The Globalist WEF Cabal; although, Bergoglio is by far a ‘perpetual hippy wanna-belong’ similar to Biden and Pelosi and the rest of the kids of immaturity and superficial charm. Putin is a Psychopath and most certainly is NOT as them. Bergoglio surely will not consecrate ANYTHING to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.
    Know you’re busy and wish for everything to be well. Glad everything is going OK and as planned.

    1. It’s a little late considering Russia has already spread it’s errors through out the world. N.Korea, Vietnam, Communist China, Cuba, etc have all adopted its form of tyrannical government. I believe we’re seeing a retaliation against the corrupt Nazi New World Order/Global Reset, headquarters that Ukraine has become. Klaus Schwab is a far more evil man than Putin. Bergoglio is a an ally of the NWO.

      1. Abortion is one of – if not the the most atrocious of – Russia’s horrifying errors. Remember what Nobel prize winner for peace, mother Teresa, said about abortion and war?
        Legalized in Russia since 1920 ! And still world record holder !

  3. I’m dreaming about Pope Benedict defying Bergoglio and his schismatic bishops to consecrate Russia, just like prophet Elijah defied the false prophets on Mount Carmel… and, when the whole world sees that nothing happens, consecrating Russia himself with the few remaining true Catholic bishops obtaining Russia’s conversion and world peace on the spot.

    1. It would be a little late considering Russia already spread their errors throughout the world.

      1. Our Lady of Fatima said the consecration of Russia would be done (= according to her request: the Pope, simultaneously with the world’s Bishops), but “late.”
        (Certainly too late to prevent WW III) Some prophecies say it will be made when Russian armies have entered Rome.

    1. You are wrong in part, since in all of these, either Russia was not named, or the Bishops did not join the Pope in naming Her.

  4. Massive news! Praying that Pope Benedict will do it ASAP!

    This would change everything.

  5. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    But is it sincere? Is peace the goal? Or is it all about the (“globalist/illuminati/freemason/military industrial compex” or whatever) script for WOIII? Please, what is you opinion?
    N.B. In French: Les Straussiens veulent transformer le conflit ukrainien en guerre de religion https://www.voltairenet.org/article216086.html By way of English summary: The Pope is about to unleash a holy war (on instigation of the usual suspects mentioned above.)

    1. I honestly do not think Bergoglio is capable of a supernatural motivation, therefore, I conclude that like everything he has done for 8 years, that it is a political stunt.

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