5 thoughts on “Survey of 20 Insurance companies shows that 3Q 2021 Death Rate up 37.7%”

  1. Wait until they publish the 4th quarter death rates. I have heard that the rise has been 55%.

  2. According to Dr. Peter McCullough, 95% of “covid” deaths in hospitals in the past two years have been murders. The number of murders is therefore in the neighborhood of one million. The protocol is Remdesivir or a Remdesivir cocktail, to cause organ failure and pneumonia. Then comes the ventilator, which succeeds in killing 90% of its victims.

    Bishops are punctilious (as this week in the case of the Boston Bomber) about protesting every application of the death penalty. The number of syllables spoken in protest by bishops about the one million murders in Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals is: ZERO.

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