Pfizer admits that its DeathVaxx has 1291 known adverse side-effects

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3 thoughts on “Pfizer admits that its DeathVaxx has 1291 known adverse side-effects”

  1. Whatever! WEF Cabal/CCP will arrive at a WONDERFUL-Sounding Narrative of altruism as deep as a puddle to create approval anyway. After all, they can’t be sued and the mRNA AND CRISPR Technology is now approved to be used to create other profit streams that murder people.

  2. Dear Brother Bugnolo. An 18 minute video that, very sadly, helps confirm horror occurring behind the scenes.
    It is a the cave-in to evil of a key official in WHO, a Dr A Hill. This cave-in immensely helped the Death shot to get the go ahead.
    Andrew Hill’s Stunning Video Admission
    (A letter to Dr Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie)
    Heavenly Father save us, I beg.

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