Russia begins heavy bombing of Civilian Areas

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And the bombing of civilian areas is not limited to Kharkiv:

Editor’s Note: This one is for all those who say that Russia is conducting a just war according to international law.

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8 thoughts on “Russia begins heavy bombing of Civilian Areas”

  1. Send it Epoch Times and the rest of the Media claiming The WEF/CCP Cabal Puppet, Putin a Saint invading a country for the umpteenth time to ENSLAVE the people YET AGAIN. The U.S. is going to suffer this end themselves before all is said and done. This is a Christian country and this country is a Christian country and when one doesn’t keep its word and allows another to suffer…It is visited upon the country breaking its word. Chinese are no doubt CHOMPING at the bit waiting to take Taiwan and the U.S. down…And, what side is God going to fall on? How many times were the Israelites made to suffer for turning away from God?

  2. Devil’s advocate:
    Who confirmed that this was a Russian strike without a doubt?
    How were they able to trace it back to Russia and not some other source?
    Do “false-flag attacks” not exist in 2022?

    [For the record, this writer is not in favor of either side as they are both controlled by servants of the prince.]

    1. the Ukranians have no such munitions, the speakers were speaking Ukranian. The city hit was Ukranian.

  3. Looked like a Thermobaric Explosives detonation. Massive fireball before/without a ground/inside building. And enormous air preassure, going horizontally. Traditional or normal bombs should give explosive power more upwards, and would be more dirt than fireball. If thermobaric is used like that, well… The force/damage is so huge that it is impossible to target only military, or only a specific building. It works like a mini nuclear bomb, minus the radiation. I blame both sides of this war, their leaders I mean. The comedy actor in Kiev is far from innocent, and he is a Washington puppet. Regardless, the people and soldiers, are always mislead, always victims.

      1. About Thermobaric bombs: “Unlike ideal high explosives, they are designed to produce long-lasting pressure waves which are able to travel through corridors, propagate around corners and through obstacles.”. The blast is then slower than with high explosives, but does bigger damage in a wider area, I think. Amazing to see how much energy people have used in developing this and other pure evil weapons. Horrible

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