4 thoughts on “The Holy Theotokos is the Protectress of Ukraine”

  1. There is a beautiful Ukrainian icon called “Virgin Provider of the Bread of Heaven”. It shows the wheat fields rich with growing and bundles of harvested wheat (Ukraine is called “the breadbasket of Europe”). Above, sitting in the clouds, the Virgin opens her hands and looks down to bless the land and the crops. Our family owns a farm (though it is a sheep farm, not having arable land) and I keep this beautiful icon over the desk in the little room ( large closet with a window!) where we do accounts to remind whoever is there that our ability to farm is from Him, and we totally depend on His Providence for good weather, good health, good markets. . .

  2. Sorry I made a mistake: the Icon is called,
    “Virgin. Provider of the Bread of Life”.

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