The Katyn Massacre: When Soviets Massacred the leaders of Poland

Editor’s Note: The History of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and the neighboring countries colors the reactions of the citizens of each nation today. For this reason, FromRome.Info will be publishing a list of documentaries to inform our English readers of these issues.

For the first video, I have chosen this one on the Katyn Massacre, which was ordered by Stalin, on March 5, 1940, just 82 years ago yesterday.

One thought on “The Katyn Massacre: When Soviets Massacred the leaders of Poland”

  1. Satanic. So much as The Globalist WEF Cabal AND The Democrat Party. 😣😧🤬😠 The inhabitants of hell have
    been very busy. Even having read and knowing of history; this is shocking to watch. If we don’t get this senile Treasonous Fester
    out of the White House; THIS IS THE DESTINY OF THE WORLD ONCE AGAIN. Must pray, fast, do penance, sacrifice, obey God…And, repent overall. Lots of Confession and Eucharist.

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